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Welcome to Renaissance Astrology, the premier website for traditional astrology and astrological magic since 2000. Astrology, a spiritual science, is the study of the cycles of the fixed stars and planets and their relationship to events on Earth and is one of the three Hermetic arts of astrology, alchemy and magic traditionally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Great Hermes. From its historical origins 4,000 years ago in Babylonia and Chaldea astrology developed into an art of great complexity, capable of detailed and precise predictions.

Astrologers and mages like Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino using the fabled grimoire Picatrix brought traditional astrology using astrological magic to create astrological talismans and bringing the Hermetic Arts of astrology and magic to their greatest heights in the Renaissance.

With the rebirth of the actual techniques of Renaissance astrology, concrete and specific prediction of actual events with astrological readings including horary astrology and natal readings as well as precise, pinpoint elections of dates and times and the beauty and harmony of Renaissance astrological talismans and astrological magic as well as astrology and astrological books and specialized astrological software for traditional astrology are available from Christopher Warnock, the preeminent astrological magician and a leading traditional astrologer.

Begin your journey into traditional astrology and traditional astrological magic at the Renaissance Astrology website with over 600 pages of examples, explanations and translations of traditional texts. Surf the site and buy books to learn on your own or through courses or get authentic readings and talismans.

Astrological Talismans, Pentacles & Amulets

Astrological talismans, pentacles and amulets can be seen as embodying one or more celestial spirits or as containing the magical charge of a planet, fixed star, or other celestial factor like the decan/faces or Mansions of the Moon. The key to authentic astrological talismans is the careful choice of an astrological auspicious time to create the talisman using electional astrology and consecrating the talisman by calling the appropriate angel or spirit into the talisman, also at the elected time.

Only Renaissance Astrology offers authentically made astrological talismans designed, elected and created under the supervision of the world's leading traditional astrological magician Christopher Warnock. All talismans are made in limited editions and are only available for a limited time. Take a look at the currently available talismans and currently available pentacles and learn how to choose a talisman based on your goals and your natal chart.

Please contact me with questions about getting a Renaissance Astrology talisman or pentacle.

Renaissance Astrology Talismans in the British Museum

The British Museum was founded in 1753 and is one of the largest and most important museums in the world with its comprehensive collections totaling over seven million objects. It has one of the foremost collections in the world of magical items and objects. Renaissance Astrology is proud that two of its authentic astrological talismans have been made a part of the permanent collection of the British Museum.


The Mercury table talisman and the Venus table talisman are described as "Twenty-first century version of a silver Hebrew Renaissance style planetary talisman based upon a design first described by Cornelius Agrippa in 1531." The addition of Renaissance Astrology talismans to the British Museum shows our committment to traditional astrology and traditional philosophy and to preserving and teaching this ancient art.

Astrological Readings

Renaissance Astrology offers a wide variety of Astrological Readings, including horary astrology, natal astrology and electional astrology using the authentic methods of the traditional astrology of the European Middle Ages and Renaissance.

All readings are done personally by Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer and while the most modern, up to date software is used for the maximum accuracy in creating astrological charts and horoscopes, all interpretation and prediction is done individually by hand for each client and chart. All readings are done initially in writing and include both the astrological factors considered and the prediction and interpretation. Once the client receives the written reading, the practical implications can be discussed via phone or e-mail, if desired.

By looking at the chart of the time of a serious question, Horary Astrology can give precise, accurate pinpoint prediction of concrete events. Christopher Warnock is one of the leading contemporary traditional horary astrologers and has done over 4,000 horary readings for clients. Horary astrology can accurately answer questions like:

When will our house sell?
Should I Stay or Should I Move?
Will I Get the Job?
Where is this Relationship Going?
Should I End This Relationship?
Will I Get Into College or Grad School?
Am I Cursed?

Almost any serious, concrete yes or no question can be asked as a horary. Here is more information on horary astrology.

The most familiar type of astrology is Natal Astrology which uses the chart of the time, date and location of birth to give overall, lifelong trends. Renaissance Astrology natal readings include the:

Full Natal Reading, the most detailed and comprehensive natal reading and gives a complete analysis of your birth chart using traditional astrology.
Mage's Reading, specially formulated for the mage, magician or esoteric worker looks at your magical powers, potentials and problems in your birth chart.
Astrological Checkup, a mini-natal reading that looks at three specific life or charts areas of your choice.
Spiritual Path Reading, which looks at your spiritual path and influences in your birth chart.

Take a look at Relationship Readings like the Compatibility Reading, Complete Relationship Reading and Soul Mate which mix horary and natal astrology for a comprehensive look at your relationship or relationships.

By using Electional Astrology you can maximize your success at almost any activity by choosing an astrological auspicious time to begin for questions like When Should I Get Married?, When Should I Start a Business? or "When Should I list or sell my house?"

Here are Renaissance Astrology readings organized by topic:
Astrology of Sex, Love & Marriage
Astrology of Childbirth
Astrology of Job & Career
Astrology of Curse Detection
Financial Astrology
Event Charts

Please contact me with questions about getting a Renaissance Astrology reading.

Astrology & Astrological Magic Courses

If you are really serious about learning traditional astrology or traditional astrological magic the best way is through Renaissance Astrology Astrology and Magic courses. Imagine being taught personally by a master astrologer with 20 years of professional experience and the preeminent astrological magician, Christopher Warnock, translator of Picatrix. Learn authentic traditional astrology and astrological magic taught from original sources, but carefully explained for practical use, step by step.

Renaissance Astrology Astrology and Magic courses require a laptop or desktop with browser and are available on CD or via download. CD courses include paperback books and all courses include courses lessons and pdf versions of traditional texts. No knowledge of astrology or magic is required. There are no grades or tests and no deadlines for completion, you can take as much time as you need to complete each lesson and the course as a whole. You work through each lesson in order and can ask questions about the material covered in the current lesson.

Renaissance Astrology mini-courses are a great introduction to astrological magic and geomancy. Mini-courses are small, self contained, require no astrological training and come with all of the necessary software. The mini-courses allow the student to immediately begin making astrological talismans or geomantic predictions.

Planetary Magic Mini-Course   introduction to planetary hours & talismans
Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course   introduction to lunar mansion talismans
Decan/Face Mini-Course   introduction to 36 decan talismans
Green Magic Mini-Course   introduction to ecological magic w/Moon
Geomancy Mini-Course   introduction to geomantic divination
Astrology for Rootworkers Mini-Course   introduction to astrology and hoodoo

Renaissance Astrology full courses teach the full range of each branch of traditional astrology and traditional astrological magic. Learn these authentic esoteric, but practical arts from a master traditional astrologer and the leading traditional magician! Master the accuracy, precision and power of traditional astrological magic and astrology.

Astrological Magic Course   teaches full range of traditional astrological talismans
Horary Astrology Course   precise accurate prediction from question charts
Natal Astrology Course   traditional birth chart astrology for life long trends
Electional Astrology Course   choosing auspicious times to take action
Mass Magic Course   magic of marketing and mass psychology

Check out all of the Renaissance Astrology astrology and magic courses. Plus you can get Discounts! if you register for more than once course at once. Here's a Video about taking a Renaissance Astrology course. Please contact me with questions about taking Renaissance Astrology courses.

Astrology and Magic Books and Software

Renaissance Astrology is pleased to present Astrology & Magic Books including original works and new translations of key esoteric texts, featuring the complete English translation of Picatrix, the most famous astrological magic grimoire. Also featured is Thabit Ibn Qurra's De Imaginibus, a key astrological magic text.

Also available are books by Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer and the preeminent traditional astrological magician including Secrets of Planetary Magic and Mansions of the Moon book as well as Warnock's Horary Case Book. Many of these books are available as E-Books. You can find a reading guide to beginning your study of traditional astrology and astrological magic on our recommended reading list.

Renaissance Astrology also has special traditional Astrological Magic & Geomancy Software, available separately or included in Renaissance Astrology courses. The astrological software includes:

TPHP   planetary hours software
Planetary Magic Program   quickly finds planetary talisman elections
Geomanticon   geomancy chart software
Decanichron   decan/face talisman software
Traditional Astrology Page   Traditional Astrology page Solar Fire add-on

Traditional Astrology Resources

In addition to Astrology & Magic Courses and Astrology & Magic Books the Renaissance Astrology web site has incredible Traditional Astrology and Astrological Magic resources. You can learn traditional astrological techniques and methdologies like Essential Dignities and Aspects, Orbs, Accidental Dignities & Perfection. Explore the Planets, the 12 Zodiacal Signs and the 12 Houses and their uniques uses in traditional astrology.

Renaissance Astrology also has extensive resources on Astrological Magic, check out the Fixed Stars, the Planetary Hours and the Mansions of the Moon and their uses in traditional astrological magic.

You can see over 50 examples of astrological talisman charts in the Chart Week Archive. The Astrological Talisman page has links to examples of talisman charts for Planetary Talismans and Fixed Star Talismans and Lunar Mansion Talismans and House Based Full Chart Talismans .

Check out the series of historical articles on Astrology in the Renaissance. The Renaissance Astrology website also has extensive biographical information on prominent astrologers and astrological magicans from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early modern periods including:

Thabit Ibn Qurra   9th century Harranian Sabian astrologer, philosopher & mage
Al-Biruni   10th century Arabic astrologer
Guido Bonatti   13th century Italian astrologer
Albertus Magnus   13th century philospher
Marsilio Ficino   15th century priest, astrologer, philosopher & mage
Cornelius Agrippa   15th century astrologer, philosopher & mage
Johannes Trithemius   15th century philosopher & mage
Paracelsus   16th century physician, mage, philosopher
Giordano Bruno   16th century philospher & mage
William Lilly   17th century English horary astrologer
William Ramesey   17th century English astrologer
Francis Barrett   18th century English mage

traditional astrology

Here are further Renaissance Astrology website features on traditional astrology, including Hermes Trismegistus, Hermetic Arts & Philosophy, original source texts like Guido Bonatti's 146 Considerations and the 100 Aphorisms Attributed to Ptolemy. Learn about the Tropical, Sidereal and Constellational Zodiacs as well as the use of the Hymns of Orpheus for ritual and consecration of talismans. Investigate traditional astrological Geomancy and its uses for divination. Take a look at the Not a Practical Guide to Astrological Treasure Hunting. Learn about the Guardian Angel, Almuten Figuris & Perfect Nature as well as as well as get instructions for Planetary Charity and the Daily Planetary Practice.

Network and connect through the Renaissance Astrology Facebook page, and the Spiritus Mundi e-mail discussion group as well as the Renaissance Astrology Youtube Channel.