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The Renaissance Astrology Horary Astrology Course is a complete course in the theory, philosophy and practice of traditional horary astrology personally taught by Christopher Warnock, a leading contemporary traditional astrologer. Horary astrology uses the chart of a question, rather than a birth chart, to give precise, accurate and concrete answers.

The Horary Astrology Course teaches the authentic theory and practice of Renaissance horary astrology using an innovative course format with lessons and texts on CD or via download. All of the course lessons and pdfs can be read on either a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer. Tablet or mobile versions of the course are not available.

No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary. Lesson are worked through in order, but there are no time limits for completion of the course and students may proceed at their own pace. There are no tests or exams, but each lesson includes homework and Christopher Warnock is available for questions on the current lesson.

Here are the 12 lessons in the course syllabus:


Lesson 1: the Renaissance World View, learning to think like a Renaissance astrologer
Lesson 2: the Planets and the Planetary Hours
Lesson 3: Traditional Chart and Ephemeris Reading
Lesson 4: Signs & Essential Dignities
Lesson 5: Houses & Almutens
Lesson 6: Aspects & Perfection
Lesson 7: Horary Introduction
Lesson 8: Marriage, Love & Birth Questions
Lesson 9: Money & Career Questions
Lesson 10: Legal Questions
Lesson 11: Moving & Relocation; House Sale & Buying Questions
Lesson 12: Miscellaneous Questions including Curse Questions
Horary Masterpiece

The Horary Astrology Course consists of a series of lessons plus required reading on CD or download. The Horary Course includes 12 lessons plus 16 traditional astrology texts in pdf, focusing on horary, with over 4,000 total pages provided in facsimile of the original 17th century editions in pdf for both CD and download versions.

The included pdf texts are:
Ball's Astrophysical Compendium
Blagrave's Introduction to Astrology
Bonatti's 146 Aphorisms
William Lilly's Christian Astrology, 1st ed 1647
Willaim Lilly's Christian Astrology, 2nd ed 1659
Coley's Key to Astrology-Horary Sections
Culpepper's Opus Astrologicum
Eland's Tutor to Astrology
Gadbury's Doctrine of Horary Questions
Griffin on Theft Horary Questions
Dariot's Introduction to the Judgment of the Stars
Middleton's Practical Astrology
Partridge's Mikropanastron-Horary Sections
Searle's Introduction to Astrology
Thrasher's Jubar Astrologicum
Turner's Astrological Institutions


The Horary Astrology Course is available on CD or via download. Both CD and download students will need to obtain their own copy of E.M.W. Tillyard's Elizabethan World Picture.

The Horary Astrology Course on CD also includes a free copy of Warnock's Horary Case Book with over 40 actual horary predictions, charts and results. Horary Astrology Course download students will need to obtain their own copy of Warnock's Horary Case Book either as a paperback or Kindle E book here. For both CD and download students all of the rest of the required texts are provided in pdf.

A certificate of completed is awarded to successful graduates of the Renaissance Horary Astrology Course. The material presented in the Renaissance Horary Astrology Course is difficult and requires commitment to master. Here is a video on Taking a Renaissance Astrology Course. Please Contact me for further information.

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Horary Astrology Course

The he Horary Astrology Course on CD is $299.95 plus $12.95 US or $35 non-US shipping and includes a free paperback copy of Warnock's Horary Case Book.

The Horary Astrology Course via download is $289.95 and does not include a copy of Warnock's Horary Case Book which students can purchase separately here.

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