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Using the techniques of traditional astrology I can make specific and precise predictions of future events, give precise times to take action and give insight into your situation and spiritual path.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology can give you a very specific and focused answer by asking a serious question and looking at a horoscope of the time the question was asked. This ancient astrological technique does not require any birth information!

Go to the Horary Astrology page for detailed information about how to ask a horary question and receive a detailed written analysis. You can also follow the links to the left for information on asking the specific horary questions listed. Follow this link to Order a Horary Reading. Cost of a horary reading is $85. Please Contact me with any further questions.

The Career Reading combines a specific job or career related horary question with a look at the 2nd house of money, profit and income and the 10th house of career in your birth chart to give a comprensive snapshot of your career prospects. You can see an Career Reading Example. Follow this link to Order a Career Reading. Cost of a Career Reading is $149.95.

Please Contact me with any further questions.

Natal Astrology

Natal astrology, which looks at birth charts, is much more familiar. It gives broader, and less focused predictions than horary astrology. It is an excellent way to learn about your life patterns, strengths and weaknesses. You need to know your time of birth to have a natal reading. If you don't know your time of birth, you can still ask a horary question.

The Full Natal Reading is the most detailed and comprehensive natal reading and gives a complete analysis of your birth chart using traditional astrology. Follow this link to Order a Full Natal Reading. Cost of a Full Natal Reading is $299.95. Please take a look at the Full Natal Example Reading before ordering so you are familiar with what this reading provides.

Please Contact me with any further questions.

I also offer specialized birth chart readings:

The Full Natal, Mage and Spiritual Path Readings all provide your almuten figuris, Guardian Angel/Time Lord name and recommend astrological talismans that are compatible with yourbirth chart.

Please Contact me with any further questions.

How to Choose a Relationship Reading

I offer a wide variety of relationship readings, using the full range of traditional astrological technique to give the maximum amount of information.

  • If you have a specific person in mind for the relationship you can get: A Relationship Horary Reading that uses the chart of a question to analyze accurately and precisely what will happen with the relationship. The relationship horary does not deal with the compatibility or life long romantic patterns of the couple. Here is the link to Order a Horary Reading. Cost of a horary reading is $85.
  • A Compatibility Reading that compares the natal charts of the couple to determine their compatibility and life long romantic patterns. The Compatibility Reading does not predict whether a relationship will take place or not. Here is the link to Order a Compatibility Reading. Cost of a Compatibility Reading is $149.95.
  • A Complete Relationship Reading that includes both a relationship horary reading and Compatibility Reading. This gives a complete rundown of the couple's compatibility, relationship patterns and accurately forecasts the course of their relationship. Here is the link to Order a Complete Relationship Reading. Cost of a Complete Relationship Reading is $199.95.
  • If you don't have a specific person in mind you can get a Soul Mate Reading which looks at relationships in your natal chart, plus does a horary to look out over the next 6-12 months at your romantic life. Here is the link to Order a Soul Mate Reading. Cost of a Soul Mate Reading is $95. A Soul Mate Reading is a general reading so don't get a Soul Mate Reading if you want to know about a relationship with a specific person or you have just ended a relationship.

Please Contact me if you need further guidance or information with regard to relationship readings.

Electional Astrology

I can also use traditional and Renaissance astrology to find astrologically auspicious times to take action like getting married or starting a business. Go to the Electional Astrology page for information on how to have me find an auspicious election for you. You can also follow the links above to left for information on specific elections.

I charge by the hour for electional analysis. Follow this link to Order an Electional Reading. Cost is $80 per half hour (2 elections), $160 per hour (4 elections). Please Contact me with any further questions.