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Varo To Be Reborn

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Here is an example of a Spiritual Path Reading birth chart reading using traditional astrological methods to illuminate lifelong spiritual patterns, both positive and negative.
Here is more information about Spiritual Path Readings and how to order one.
The focus is on the 3rd, 9th and 12th houses, looking at both benefic and malefic spiritual influences and includes an individualized rising degree image and the name of your personal guardian angel/spirit from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.


Birth data: 6:17 pm BST, June 10, 1966 London, England

18th Degree of Scorpio
Rising Degree Image from Johannes Angelus' Astrological Optics

17 Scorpio 24, the 18th degree of Scorpio

"A house and a woman hiding her self behind a door. It signifies a sluggish idle person."

The rising degree image can be used to personalize talismans and as a part of your ritual invocation and magical work.

Name of Guardian Angel/Spirit

5 Hylegical Places

Sun 19 Gemini = B

Moon 13 Pisces = F

Ascendant 17 Scorpio = T

Part of Fortune 11 Leo = B

Prental Syzygy (Full Moon) 12 Sagittarius = S

Name of Guardian Angel/Spirit is BFTBS or Baftabas

The Guardian Angel/Spirit can be used in the beginning of your ritual work to help your connection with the spiritual realm. There are also much more significant rituals that can be used to contact the Guardian Angel, including the Abramelin work set forth in the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Sage.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

Basic Personality Analysis- Astrological Factors Considered

Sun Gemini, Moon Pisces, Scorpio Rising, Mercury Cancer, Mars Gemini

Spiritual Analysis covering 9th, 3rd and 12th houses

The 9th is the house of god, esoteric learning, and is one of the three spiritual houses.
The 3rd is the house of the goddess and minority religions
The 12th is the house of secret enemies, curses and witchcraft, malefic spirituality

Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of the 9th house, the Moon in Pisces in the 4th house, trine Ascendant, square Sun
Part of Fortune in 9th house
Jupiter, natural ruler of spirituality, in Cancer, exalted in 8th house
Ruler of 3rd house, Saturn, dignified by term in 4th house
Ruler of 12th house, Venus dignified by sign and triplicity in 6th house
Part of Faith 9 Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, in 4th house, conjunct Moon
Pars Hyleg (Full Moon) 19 Aquarius, in 3rd house, ruled by Saturn, trine Sun


Varo the Call
Let's start with the Ascendant. You have Scorpio rising, which indicates a very dramatic life, almost theatrical sometimes. Lots of passion and emotion, but also a strong connection to the "Dark Side". You see and are aware of evil and pain in the world and this evil and pain will also manifest in your life.
We then note that Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant. This adds further emphasis to passion and strong emotion. Neptune in positive terms is visionary, mystic and psychedelic. In negative terms Neptune shows illusion, confusion, fraud, addiction, drug abuse.
Let's then look at the Sun and Mars in Gemini, giving an effervescent personality, very sociable, talkative, thoughtful, good tempered. A key planet is the Moon, who is in Pisces. Pisces is also a very emotional sign, but more positive. Modern astrology has Neptune ruling Pisces which keys into the mystical and poetic as well as addictive and intoxicated side of Pisces. With Scorpio rising and the Moon in Pisces you have a very difficult time putting up emotional barriers, you see the pain and evil in the world quite clearly and have trouble with keeping it out, all the pain you can sense seems to be inside of you, even if it is occurring outside.
Ok, so let's start looking at the specifically spiritual houses in your chart.
The 9th house is ruled by the Moon, who is associated with dreaming, divination, prophecy and in modern terms with tantric spirituality and also with feminist spirituality. The Moon, as we mentioned is in Pisces, so that gives us a mystic and philanthropic spirituality as Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter.
We note that Jupiter, natural ruler of spirituality is well dignified and in the Moon's sign, so again we have this very Lunar/Jupiterian emphasis. In addition, the Part of Faith is in Pisces, conjunct the Moon and aspecting Jupiter, providing further emphasis. Thus you are prophetic, visionary, mystic, philanthropic and humanitarian. You have a very strong and functioning spiritual life.
The 3rd house is ruled by Saturn, the Greater Malefic, who is also in Pisces. He has some dignity, but this is a somewhat uncomfortable placement for him as it goes against his basic nature. My sense is that as Saturn naturally rules melancholy and sadness, that his placement in Pisces is another indication of the presence of depression in pain in your life. His dignity, however, shows that this is not all to the bad, however and we can see from the other positive areas of your chart that this pain can bring wisdom and compassion for yourself and for others.
Varo Breaking Vicious Circle
Breaking the Vicious Circle
The Pars Hyleg, an Arabic part, can show your life purpose or a key challenge you must face in your life. The Pars Hyleg is in the 3rd house, ruled by Saturn, showing to me that understanding and working with pain and sadness is a key spiritual challenge for you. Succeed and you can greatly assist others.
The 12th house of malefic spirituality is ruled by Venus, the lesser benefic, who is quite strong. Venus also rules the 7th of open enemies. Thus if you do have enemies they are quite powerful, but ultimately, I think not so damaging, in fact, possible helpful in the long run.
What the chart tells me is that you are very sensitive to spiritual realities and beings. You are in touch with the dark side and very sensitive to pain and suffering which will occur in your life. You have a strong spiritual side to you, that is visionary and mystic. If you can learn to understand and work with pain and suffering, you can be of great assistance to others.

Talismanic/Ritual Suggestions

For spirituality the Moon and Jupiter are definitely recommended. You have a very interesting mix of visionary (Moon) philanthropic (Jupiter) spirituality with the common Lunar/Jovial element of compassion and empathy.
For health Venus, as the natural antidote to Mars, ruler of the Ascendant and 6th of illness. Your Venus is very strong and grounded in the Earth sign Taurus. Jupiter is also the natural antidote to problems with Saturn since you are concerned with his presence in your 6th house.

Further Questions


If you have any additional questions about the Spiritual Path Reading take a look at the main Spiritual Path Reading page or please Contact me. If you would like to learn more about traditional astrology and astrological magic you may also find my Astrological Magic Full Course or Lunar Mansions Mini-Course and discussion group, Spiritus Mundi to be of interest.


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