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Just as the power of our soul is brought to bear on our members through the spirit, so the force of the World-Soul is spread...through all things through the quintessence [the fifth element-the Spiritus Mundi], which is active everywhere, as the spirit inside the World's Body..."

Marsilio Ficino,
Three Books on Life, Bk. III, Chapter 1.


The Spiritus Mundi (The Spirit of the World) e-group is co-owned and co-moderated by Lee Miller and Christopher Warnock. It was established as a forum for discussion of traditional astrology, the astrology practiced in Europe before 1700.
The group welcomes postings on all aspects of traditional astrology, including Horary, Electional, Natal and Mundane astrology. There is also a definite emphasis on traditional Astrological Magic and the production of Astrological Talismans. You can Click here to join Spiritus Mundi.

Why Spiritus Mundi?


The name Spiritus Mundi was chosen for the e-group because of the importance of this force in medieval and Renaissance astrology, alchemy and magic. The Italian Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino uses the correspondence of the Macrocosm (the Universe or Great Man) and the Microcosm (the little man or individual human) to explain the Spiritus Mundi,
"Always remember, though, that just as the power of our soul is brought to bear on our members through the spirit, so the force of the World-Soul [Anima Mundi] is spread under the World-Soul through all things through the quintessence [the fifth element-the Spiritus Mundi], which is active everywhere, as the spirit inside the World's Body [the material world composed of the four elements of fire, air, water and earth]..."
Marsilio Ficino, Three Books on Life, Bk. III, Chapter 1, (Kaske & Clarke) page 247.
The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa makes clear the importance of the quintessence or Spiritus Mundi stating that, "By this Spirit therefore every occult property is conveyed into herbs, stones, metals and animals, through the Sun, Moon, planets and through stars higher than the planets." Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. I, Chapter 14 (Tyson ed.) page 44.
Therefore the Spiritus Mundi is a vital link in the chain of harmony and correspondence that makes astrology, alchemy and magic possible. A knowledge of the quintessence, and ability to manipulate it are necessary for the mastery of traditional astrological magic.

Election and Chart for the Birth of Spiritus Mundi


First of all, for an e-group on astrology Mercury seems like a key planet. The famous English astrologer William Lilly says Mercury rules, "...Astrologians". Christian Astrology page 78. This is a very ancient attribution as the 9th century Arabic astrologer Al-Biruni also says Mercury represents astrologers. Section 435, Book of Instructions in the Elements of the Art of Astrology, (Wright trans.) page 254. Lilly also says that Mercury signifies messengers, which is what Spiritus Mundi will be.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
The time of the election was 7:44 am, CDT (+5) on August 15, 2001 at Humble, Texas 29 N 59 95 W 15. In this chart 3 degrees of Virgo rises, Mercury is at 2 degrees of Virgo and thus conjunct the Ascendant. Mercury is ruler of the ascendant and is highly dignified by sign, exaltation and term. It is Mercury day and Mercury hour.
As far as significant houses, Lilly says that the third house signifies epistles, letters, and messengers. CA 52. Here Libra is on the 3rd house cusp and Venus ruler of the 3rd is dignified by triplicity and in the benefic 11th house.
The ruler of the first is Mercury, and thus he is the primary significator of Spiritus Mundi, strong and well placed. He is also ruler of the tenth house of fame and reputation as Gemini is on the cusp of the tenth.
The Moon is always important in elections. Here she is strong in Cancer and in a partile (to the degree) sextile of Mercury. She is also well placed in the tenth house.


There are two somewhat negative indications, but this is inevitable in an election since you can never find an absolutely perfect time. The most serious is that Mercury has just emerged from combustion and is only 10 degrees away from the Sun. Lilly does say that a planet needs to be in the same sign as the Sun to be combust, but the proximity is still worrisome. Christian Astrology page 113.
The second problem is that Mercury is applying to Jupiter and Mercury is in Jupiter's detriment, Virgo. The Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti says that, "Whether a planet is joined by a planet which is in its descension [detriment or fall] or that planet which is in the descension of another is joined by that planet whose descension it is, it always brings the matter forth to destruction and annuls it." Liber Astronomiae Bk. IV (Arhat ed.) page 15.
In this case, however, Mercury and Jupiter are both highly essentially dignified, Jupiter is exalted and Mercury is in its sign, and accidentally dignified, Mercury is in the ascendant and Jupiter in the benefic 11th house, so this so should mitigate some of the ill effects, if any.
So a very good start for Spiritus Mundi, an amazingly strong Mercury in its day and hour, strong publicity and fame.



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