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Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course

Learn the astrological magic of the 28 lunar mansions

mansions mini-course

The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course is a complete self-contained course via download which explains how to use the 28 Mansions of the Moon for elections (choosing auspicious times to take action) as well as talismans for love, wealth, power, victory, passion, business and many other actitivities. The Mini-Course includes everything you need to begin creating beautiful, magically powerful talismans for each of the 28 Mansions of the Moon!

One of the most innovative features of the course are the 28 talismanic images of the Lunar Mansions created by Nigel Jackson. Using Picatrix, Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and the works of Giordano Bruno, Mr. Jackson has created beautiful and authentic talismanic images. The images are available in black and white and color, as well as 28 special high resolution versions perfect for creating talismans, meditation, ritual consecration and visualization.

The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course includes 28 individual Mansion pages, plus translations from the most important grimoire of astrological magic, the Picatrix, both Book I, chapter 4 and Book IV, chapter 9.


The Mini-Course also includes the very special Astromagia Mansions, an incredible work of talismanic magic available in translation nowhere else! Plus the Mini-Course includes the Mansions according to the medieval astrologer Ibn Hatim with Arabic names of the Mansions lords. All in all a complete, comprehensive set of traditional Mansion sources available nowhere else.

The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course include Mansion Tracker, the Mansions of the Moon software (normally $24.95) that makes finding the Mansions quick, easy and simple! The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course on CD also includes a copy of my Mansions of the Moon book (normally $24.95) as well. Students registering for the download version of the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course will need to purchase the Mansions of the Moon book separately.

The course includes three lessons, 28 individual Mansion pages, traditional Mansion sources, Mansions images for talismans in both black and white and color and the bonus lunar mansions software. The course material works on either Windows or Mac desktops and laptops. Bonus software runs on Windows or Mac with Windows emulator, but software does not run on native Mac OS. Courses and software are not available in tablet or mobile versions. The course is taught via reading and writing, not audio or video lectures.

T he Mini-Course contains 3 lessons:

  • Lesson One: Mansions Sources & Locating the Moon in her Mansions
  • Lesson Two: Mansions Elections & Mansion Talismans
  • Lesson Three: Making Talismans & Mansion Ritual

Each lesson has readings and written homework and by completing all of the lessons and homework, the student earns a certificate of completion.

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Lunar Mansions Mini-Course

The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course via download is $74.95 Just click the Paypal button for secure on line ordering either via a Paypal account or with credit or debit card. If you want to use a credit or debit card, click the Paypal button and then click "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" at the bottom.

For the course you will need a copy of the course text the Mansions of the Moon Book which you will need to purchase separately either as a paperback or Kindle e-book. Here are book order options.

After enrolling in the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course students if students find that they are interested in a complete, in depth course in traditional astrology they can proceed onto the Astrological Magic Course with a $25 discount. Please Contact me for further information.

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