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The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course

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Geomancy, itself the most accurate of Divinations, which divines by points of the earth, doth first reduce them to Celestial figures ...making judgement after an Astrological manner

Cornelius Agrippa
Three Books of Occult Philosophy

The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course
How to Order the Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course

The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course


The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course gives an introduction to traditional Astrological Geomancy, an ancient method of divination. Students will learn how to answer questions and make future predictions quickly, easily and accurately.
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The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course is a complete introduction to geomancy explaining how to ask geomantic questions, and generate the geomantic figures. The mini-course includes a separate illustrated page for each of the 16 figures with complete listing of the meaning, elemental nature, astrological sign assignments and the meaning of each figure in the 12 houses according to two separate traditional sources.
The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course includes a complete explanation of how to delineate geomantic questions using either the geomantic shield or 12 astrological houses and how to make precise, accurate predictions. It explains how to use the meaning of the figures in houses, aspects, modes of perfection, the Way of Points, the Projection of Points, the Company of Houses and many other geomantic techniques. The mini-course includes examples of actual delineations and step by step instructions for you to follow in making your own predictions.
The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course is on provided by download and includes Geomanticon, easy to use geomancy software for Windows that quickly calculates the geomantic figures, places them in the geomantic shield and astrological house charts and gives aspects, interpretations and a wealth of useful information for divination.
The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course also includes four rare books of traditional astrological geomancy in facsimile in pdf files: Cornelius Agrippa's On Geomancy, John Heydon's Theomagia, John Case's Angelic Guide and Christopher Cattan's Geomancy. Hudnreds of pages of rare traditional geomancy texts!
Everything the student needs to immediately start making quick, easy and accurate geomantic predictions is provided in the Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course!
Students can complete the homework for the Geomancy Mini-Course and after making a correct geomantic prediction using a real question provided to the instructor before knowing the results, receive a Certificate of Completion as a qualified traditional geomancer.

How to Order the Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course

The Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course is available via download for just $74.95. Just click the Paypal button to order. You don't need to use a Paypal account, if you want to order via credit card just do a Paypal guest checkout.
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