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The Renaissance Natal Astrology Course is a complete course in the theory, philosophy and practice of traditional natal astrology by a leading contemporary traditional astrologer Christopher Warnock. The Natal Astrology Course teaches the authentic theory and practice of Renaissance birth chart astrology using an innovative course format with lessons and texts via download. There are no time limits for completion of the course and students proceed at their own pace. You can see a Review by a Course Graduate.

Students who successfully complete the Renaissance Natal Astrology Course will be able to make precise, accurate predictions from birth charts, including income, with areas of profit and loss, children, health & illness, relationships & marriage, manner of death, spirituality and career, plus timing using firdaria and solar revolutions.

Students will also learn about the magical uses of natal charts including how to calculate the name of their guardian angel/spirit and the traditional image for the rising degree. Students will also learn how to prescribe astrological talismans and celestial remedies using the natal chart.


The Renaissance Natal Astrology Course focuses on the methods of the 17th century English astrologers William Lilly and John Gadbury. No previous knowledge is required and all of the necessary astrological technique to make accurate predictions using birth charts is taught in the course. The course does not use "celebrity" charts or charts with known outcomes. The focus is on learning how to make actual predictions, precisely and accurately, of future events and clearly understanding the underlying life patterns set forth in the birth chart. Over 3000 pages of traditional natal astrology texts are provided via pdf and students learn how to read and work with original 17th century texts, opening up to them the entire corpus of traditional astrology in English.

Here is the syllabus for the Natal Astrology Course:
Lesson One: History of Astrology & the Traditional World View
Lesson Two: Planets, Signs & Essential Dignities
Lesson Three: Traditional Charts & Houses
Lesson Four: Aspects & Accidental Dignities
Lesson Five: Natal Introduction & Temperament, Wit & Manners
Lesson Six: Income & Career
Lesson Seven: Health & Illness
Lesson Eight: Relationships & Children
Lesson Nine: Spirituality
Lesson Ten: Manner of Death
Lesson Eleven: Timing in the Natal Chart
Lesson Twelve: Natal Talisman Prescriptions
The Masterpiece

All instruction takes place through written lessons and texts which are provided in the course materials via download. There are no video or audio lectures, no grades, no tests and no deadlines. Instead the focus is on the individual student who works through the lessons at their own pace with a focus on practical mastery, not rote learning.

All lessons have homework and all homework is personally corrected by Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer, who personally tutors all students. As students work through the lessons they can ask whatever questions, in my opinion, they need to complete the homework for the current lesson. Students can go as slow as they wish, but no faster than one lesson about every three weeks. Because everyone goes at their own pace there is no estimated or "normal" time to completion, but students only need to devote a few hours a week to study. Graduates of the Natal Astrology Course receive a certificate of completion via e-mail.

Students need basic computer literacy and to be able to unzip a zip file, transfer files to a folder on their hard drive and open a file on their browser. A laptop or desktop computer, either Windows or Mac, working internet connection and email are also necessary Here is a video on Taking a Renaissance Astrology Course.

The Natal Astrology Course is available via download. Students will need to obtain their own copy of E.M.W. Tillyard's Elizabethan World Picture. All of the rest of the required texts are provided in pdf.

Here are the 17 traditional texts in pdf, over 3000 pages!, included in the course materials for the Renaissance Natal Astrology Course:

  • Johannes Angelus' Astrological Optics
  • Al-Biruni's Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology
  • Guido Bonatti's 146 Aphorisms from his Liber Astronomiae
  • William Lilly's complete Christian Astrology in facsimile and selections from Christian Astrology Book III in modern font
  • John Gadbury's Doctrine of Nativities
  • Henry Coley's Key to Astrology-Natal Portions
  • John Patridge's Mikropanastron-Natal Portions
  • John Gadbury's Collection of Nativities
  • John Gadbury's Nativity of King Charles
  • Oger Ferrier's Judgement of Nativities
  • Heydon's Wisdom of Solomon
  • Kirby's Marrow of Astrology
  • Salmons' Soul of Astrology
  • Searle's Introduction to Astrology
  • Worsdale's Collection of Nativities
  • Worsdale's Natal Astrology
  • the Young Student's Guide to Astrology

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The cost of the Natal Astrology Course via download is $349.95. Students will need to obtain a copy of E.M.W. Tillyard's Elizabethan World Picture but all other texts are provided in pdf in the course download.

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