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This page gives an example of a Career Reading which combines a specific question asked using horary astrology, with a focused look at the 2nd house of money and the 10th house of career in your birth chart to give a complete career picture.
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Natal Section

The client started with their birth chart to take a look at the 2nd house of profit and income and the 10th house of career to get an overall look at money and career prospects.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

2nd House-Income & Profit

Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of 2nd is Mars, peregrine in the 4th, conjunct the malefic South Node

Mercury and Saturn square the cusp of the 2nd

Neptune is in the 2nd

Jupiter, the natural ruler of wealth is dignified by term and triplicity , but combust, in the 4th, but conjunct the 5th house.

Part of Fortune is in Taurus in the 7th sextile ruler of Part of Fortune, Venus. Venus is exalted but combust. Sun in Aquarius, in detriment, squares the Part of Fortune.

Water sign on 2nd house cusp by night, Mars rules 0-25 years (childhood) finances, Venus rules 25-50 years finances (adult/working), the Moon rules 50+ years (retirement) finances.


Reasonable middle class income, as Jupiter, natural significator of wealth and Venus, ruler of the Part of Fortune, are dignified. However, significant money problems as well are indicated. Note Mars 2nd ruler is peregrine and Jupiter is combust.

With Neptune in the 2nd, the native is sometimes not clear headed about her finances, other possibilities with Neptune in the 2nd are losses due to financial confusion or even fraud or losses due to addiction. We do note a connection between the 2nd of money and the 5th of pleasure (and children) with Venus, ruler of the Part of Fortune there and combust Jupiter conjunct the 5th cusp. Watch out for losses due to overindulgence, gambling or financial speculation.

Saturn trine the Ascendant, the native profits from "Lands, Orchards" Christian Astrology p. 554. Mars, ruler of the 2nd in the 4th the native profits by lands, buildings, foundations, fields, pastures, also possibly inheritances. Christian Astrology p. 558. Yet with the South Node in the 4th, the native also has losses in these same areas.

The Moon separates from an opposition of Mars and applies to an opposition of combust Jupiter. The Moon is the ruler of the 10th in the 10th and thus the native has financial losses due to her choice of career, the government or possibly even her mother.

0-25 years (childhood) finances, not so great, source family. 25-50 years finances (adult/working), big ups and downs, problems with overspending on pleasure, entertainment, source likely money of clients, customers, partners, spouses, also possible losses from these sources. 50+ years (retirement) finances, stress, financial problems, source of income, career and government.

10th House-Career

Astrological Factors Considered

The Moon is the ruler of the 10th of career in the 10th in Leo. Cancer is on the cusp of the 10th.

The Moon opposes Mercury and Mars, who are thus joined in signification of career.


Lilly says, "Mercury with Mars obtaining the designation of Art, being well disposed, they produce most sharp conceptions, Men of piercing understandings...makers of Statues, Images...Alchemists, [en]gravers, many times Publique Notaries, Surveyors." Christian Astrology p 630.

Sign on 10th cusp Cancer is a moveable sign, "conduce to such Arts or professions as require a witty capacity, in regard they are directed by contemplation of the Wit, viz., Geometry, Physick, Astrologie & etc." Moon in Leo a fixed sign profession requiring "Learning or Education" Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, a humane sign, signifies liberal arts as have special use in the life of man. Christian Astrology p. 632.

Note as mentioned earlier that with Mercury in aspect with Saturn as the Significator of Manners and Saturn well dignified and well placed (he is angular in the 4th house) "the Native proves one of a curious understanding, greedy of Science and knowledge, one who will find out any Mystery, it notes people apt to medicine, admirable Architects... discreet, sharp fancied, industrious" Christian Astrology p. 543.

With Mercury well dignified, but Mars and the Moon peregrine, though angular, the native has some, though not overwhelming success at her profession.

Horary Section

The client then focused in on a specific job offer that had been made to her and asked, "Should I take this job?"

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

Astrological Factors Considered:

In this chart 10 Virgo rises and it is Mercury hour. As Mercury rules Virgo the chart is radical or rooted which means it has internal signs of accuracy. As Virgo rises you are signified by Mercury who is well dignified by sign in the 10th house. Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant, your house. The Moon is peregrine and thus weak and void of course and conjunct the 2nd house cusp. The job/employer is also signified by Mercury.

Your income and profit is signified by Venus, ruler of the 2nd house, who is well dignified by triplicity and term and almost out of combustion. Venus is in the 11th house. The Moon separates from a square of Mercury, your significator and the significator of the job. Mercury your significator sextiles Saturn & Mars.


This is actually quite a positive chart! Mercury, your significator, is appropriate for a designer. Mercury is well dignified by sign and moving quickly, also a good sign. Mercury is in the 10th of the job, showing that you have the position if you want it. The job itself is signified by Mercury, since this is your significator, it further connects you to the job. Again since Mercury is dignified, this means the job looks good.

The money also looks good since Venus, ruler of the 2nd house is nicely dignified. We note that the Moon, significator of action, has separated from a square of Mercury, so this could indicate past, rather than future, problems for you or with the job/employer.

We do note that Saturn conjoins the Ascendant and Saturn is the natural ruler of melancholy. The Moon is void of course also, but these are really the only negative indications and they are much less significant than the positive indications. Again, this really is a positive chart! I really have to say that you should take this job.


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