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Astrology of Job and Career
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Will I Get a Job?
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Will I Get the Job?
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Example Of Actual Delineation for the Question:
"Will I Get a Job in 90 Days?"

Time of Question: 11:10 am, EST, December 11, 1999
Place of Question: Washington, D.C. 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

I asked this question as I was seriously considering leaving public defense work and thinking about getting a job rather than being in private practice.
In this chart Aquarius rises and it is Venus hour, lacking sympathy seen in the most accurate charts. As Aquarius rises Saturn is my significator, which is appropriate as I have Saturn in Aquarius on my ascendant. Saturn is peregrine and retrograde in the 2nd house.
Now since I am looking for a job and seek to be an employee the 6th house of drudgery and work is probably most appropriate. Cancer is on the cusp of the 6th house, making the Moon the significator of the potential job. The Moon is peregrine, in detriment and in the 12th house, as well as being void of course. This basically gives the answer to the question, No job!
This is reinforced by the lack of aspects between the 1st and 6th ruler and the weakness of 1st ruler, Saturn. We also look to the 10th house as a possible significator of careers. As Sagittarius is on the 10th house cusp, Jupiter signifies career. Jupiter is retrograde and peregrine in the 2nd and making a mutually applying trine to the Sun which is dignified by triplicity.
As the Moon is in the 29th degree of Capricorn, the situation is about to change, but due to its weakness it is highly doubtful that I will get a job in the time specified. However, things look somewhat better on the career front.


Less than two weeks after asking this question I withdrew from all of my public defender cases. Not surprisingly I didn't get a job, but I am pleased with how my private practice is going.


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