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Astrological Chart of the Week Archives

Current Chart of the Week
Current Astrological Chart
Chart of the Week Archive
April 2014:
Venus Love Talisman
June 2013:
13th Mansion Love Talisman
April 2013: Sun Talisman
December 2012: Cetus Talisman
November 2012: Venus Talisman
May 2012: Moon Talisman
April 2012:
7th Mansion Wealth Talisman
March 2012:
Venus Love Talisman
November 2011:
1st Face Libra Talisman
September 2011:
Saturn Talisman
July 2011:
Regulus Talisman
March 2011:
Venus Love Talisman
February 2011:
Capella Health Talisman
November 2010:
2nd Face Libra Talisman
September 2010:
Deneb Algedi Talisman
August 2010: Sun Talisman
March 2010: Jupiter Talisman
February 2010:
Fountain of Wealth
November 2009:
Saturn Talisman
September 2009: Algol Talisman
August 2009: Sun Talisman
June 2009:
Regulus Talisman
May 2009:
Alkaid Protection Talisman
April 2009:
Invisibility & Protection Talisman
March 2009: Jupiter Pentacles
March 2009: Joseph Smith
Jupiter Talismans
January 2009:
Love/Wealth Talisman
November 2008: Saturn Talisman
September 2008:
Fixed Star Pleiades Talisman
August 2008:
13th Mansion Love Talisman
June 2008:
Cazimi Venus Dream Talisman
April 2008:
Sun Dream Talisman
March 2008:
3rd Mansion Talisman
December 2007:
Deneb Algedi Talisman
November 2007: Vega Talisman
September 2007: Jupiter Talisman
July 2007: Mercury Talisman
June 2007: Picatrix Mirror
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May 2007: Venus Talisman April 2007: Sun Talisman February 2007: Mars Talisman
January 2007: Jupiter Talisman November, 2006: Mars Talisman October, 2006: Vega Talisman
2nd Talisman September, 2006:
Serpentarius Talisman
1st Talisman September, 2006:
Andromeda Talisman
August, 2006: Munich
Necromancer's Handbook
Sun Talisman
July, 2006:
Cassiopeia Talisman
June, 2006: Study Election June, 2006: Mercury Talisman
April, 2006: Venus Talisman 2nd Chart for March, 2006:
Quit Smoking Election
1st Chart for March, 2006:
Sun Talisman
Chart for January, 2006:
26th Mansion Love Talisman
Chart for December, 2005:
Moon Talisman
2nd Chart for October, 2005:
Personalized Talisman
1st Chart for October, 2005:
De Imaginibus Wealth Talisman
Chart for September, 2005:
Jupiter Prosperity Talisman
Chart for August, 2005:
Venus Love Talisman
2nd Chart for July, 2005:
Sun Talisman
1st Chart for July, 2005:
Love Talisman
Chart for June, 2005:
Regulus Talisman
Chart for May, 2005:
Picatrix Prisoner
Release Talisman
Chart for April, 2005:
Sun Talisman for Success
Chart for March, 2005:
11th&12th Mansion Talismans
Chart for February, 2005
Mars Talisman
Chart for December, 2004:
Sun Talisman
Chart for November, 2004:
Jupiter Talisman
Chart for September, 2004:
Hermes Trismegistus Election
Chart for August, 2004:
Mercury Virgo Talisman
Chart for June, 2004:
Regulus Talisman for Success
Chart for May, 2004:
16th Mansion for Prosperity
Chart for April, 2004:
Sun Talisman
2nd Chart for March, 2004:
Venus Talisman
1st Chart for March, 2004:
Moon Talisman
Chart for February, 2004:
Mercury Talisman
Chart for January, 2004:
Good Neighbor Talisman


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