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Medieval Jupiter

Talisman of



Prosperity & Good Fortune

The current astrological chart is a talisman of Jupiter for prosperity and good fortune. We have a variety of images provided for Jupiter in our sources. The first is Cornelius Agrippa who says that the image should be made when Jupiter is in his exaltation, Cancer, and in the Ascendant,

"...[I]t was a naked man crowned, having both his hands joyned together and lifted up, as it were deprecating something, sitting in a four-footed chair, which is carried by four winged boys, and they affirm that this Image encreaseth felicity, riches, honor, and conferreth Benevolence and prosperity, and freeth from enemies..."

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II, Chapter 39 (Tyson ed.) page 383.
Copyright 2002 Nigel Jackson
The next source is Giordano Bruno's De Umbris Idearum which gives seven images of Jupiter. The second was a man seated on a throne, drawn by four youths with wings. Beneath the throne are beech leaves and branches. Bruno's seventh image is a crowned man on high with hands clasped together as though praying, wearing a dark blue robe sprinkled with golden stars.
Finally, the likely source of both Bruno's and Agrippa's images is this description from Picatrix, an encyclopedic source of medieval astrological magic,

"Forma Iovis. Si ex operibus Iovis formam hominis coronati feceris et supra cathedram sedentis, ipsaque ymagine quatuor pedes habente; et quilibet pedum supra collum hominis, et omnes isti quatuor homines habeant alas, et homo qui sedent in cathedra elevet manus quemamodum faciunt orantes; et hoc in hora Iovis, ipso in ascendente et sua exaltacione existente; ipsamque facies lapide claro et albo. Et qui hanc ymaginem secum portaverit in diviciis augebitur et honore, et optimam vitam deducet, et multos filios habeit, et quod voluerit adimplebit, et omnia sua opera in quibus fuerit operatus ad bonum tendent, nec inimicus ei nocere poterit. "

"The Form of Jupiter For the operations of Jupiter make the figure of a crowned man sitting on a throne with four feet carried by four winged men and the man who is sitting on the throne is raising his hands in prayer/worship. "

"Make it in the hour of Jupiter when Jupiter is rising in his exaltation and make it in a clear and white stone. Those who carry this image will have increase of riches and honor and lead a good life and have many sons and be able to perform good things and not be injured by enemies. "

Picatrix Book II, Chapter Ten, (Translation by Christopher Warnock, Esq.).
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is 3:52 am, EST on November 5, 2004 for Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. 38 N 56 77 W 03.
At this time Jupiter rises. It is the day of Jupiter and the planetary hour of Jupiter.
Jupiter has finally gone out of detriment in Virgo into Libra where he is the mixed ruler of air in the Dorothean triplicity system. Much better than being in detriment!
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