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of the

2nd Face of



Riches, Plenty & Love

The current talisman is the 2nd Face of Cancer for riches, plenty, happiness and love. The faces or decans are an ancient 36 fold 10 degree division of the Zodiac, with many variant images and magical uses for each face. Each face is ruled by a planet, starting with Mars, in the Arabic/Western system, ruling the 1st Face of Aries and continuing in the Chaldean Order throughout the 36 faces. The 2nd Face of Cancer is ruled by Mercury.
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Robert Place Image
Robert Place 2nd Face Cancer Image
The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa's in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy says that the image of the 2nd Face of Cancer is,

"A man clothed in comely apparel, or a man and woman sitting at the table and playing; it bestoweth riches, mirth, gladness, and the love of women."

Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk II ch 37.
The Renaissance astrologer, Johannes Angelus, says that, "The 2nd face [of Cancer] is of Mercury and is a face of jollity, mirth, of women, riches and plenty."
The Renaissance Renaissance mage Giordano Bruno says, "In the second face [of Cancer] are a man and a woman seated playing a game on a table. In front of the man items of clothing, in front of the woman are gold and silver dishes."
The Picatrix, an encyclopedic work of medieval Arabic astrological magic has a somewhat different image, but also indicates that this is a talisman for, "playing, and of wealth, joy and abundance."
The Picatrix gives instructions for making talismans of the faces at Book II, Chapter 11,

"Accordingly make the images of the faces when their rulers are present in them as this will perfect their effects in the World. And if by chance the Sun is rising in the hour of the planet or [is in aspect] the work will be stable and strong.

Translation by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Chart produced by Solar Fire

The chart above shows the election for 5:58 am MDT, July 23, 2014 for Boulder, CO. Mercury is unafflicted in the 2nd Face of Cancer and the Sun rises on Mercury day (Wednesday).
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