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For November 2011

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Boy with Pipe




for helping the

Miserable and Weak
against the
Powerful and Wicked

The current chart is a talisman of the first decan or face of Libra. The faces or decans are 10 degree subdivisions of the signs. There are two methods of determining their planetary rulership. The first or Western/Arabic method, commonly used in traditional horary, electional and natal astrology uses the Chaldean Order of the planets, beginning with Mars ruling the first face of Aries. Thus the second face of Aries is ruled by the Sun and the third by Venus. The first face of Taurus is thus ruled by Mercury and so on throughout the rest of the Zodiac.
The other method, the Indian, makes the ruler of the first decan of a sign the planet that rules the sign. The next decan is ruled by the ruler of the next sign in the triplicity of the sign. Thus the first decan of Aries is ruled by Mars. Since Aries is a fire sign, the next fire sign is Leo and thus the second decan of Aries is ruled by the Sun. The next fire sign is Sagittarius and thus the third decan of Aries is ruled by Jupiter. Here is a listing of the decan lords under both systems.
The faces are very ancient and from their earliest use they have been associated with particular gods and spirits and their images. This images have also long been used in astrological magic. I have a special Decan-Face Mini-Course which teaches the complete traditional astrological magic use of the decan/faces. The Decan-Face Mini-Course is included in the full Astrological Magic Course.
Of the first face of Libra, Picatrix, Bk II, ch. 11, says the image is, "A man holding a lance in his right hand but in the left a bird hanging by its feet. And this is a face of justice, truth, good judgments, the completeness of justice of the people and weak person, of doing good for the indigent."
The first face of Libra, says Johannes Angelus, "The 1st face is of the Moon and is a face of justice, right and truth, of succoring the weak against the strong and the wicked and of the helping the poor and miserable."
The Renaissance Mage Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk II, ch. 37, says of the 1st Face of Libra that its image is, "An angry man, in whose hand is a pipe, and the form of a man reading in a book; the operation of this is in justifying and helping the miserable and weak against the powerful and wicked."

Chart produced by Solar Fire

The election is for 7:07 am CST, November 21, 2011, for Iowa City, IA, my location. The Moon is in the 1st face of Libra, unafflicted and the Sun rises in the day and hour of the Moon.
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