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This current chart is from the Munich Necromancer's Manual, a fifteen century German magical compilation edited and commented on by Richard Kieckhefer in Forbidden Rites. Kieckhefer extensively comments on the Munich Necromancer's Manual, but does not provide a complete translation.
While not as astrologically based as Picatrix the Munich Necromancer's Manual does have some interesting examples of astrological magic. For this chart I have translated the image of the Sun.
The Munich Necromancer's Manual begins the section on the images of the planets as follows:

The 7 images of the 7 days

The wise and tested philosophers who wrote this book trusted in God who is superior to everything and arranged the seven images of the seven days in order to make requests, and this is a science most high and honored with many secrets that are not given to all men unless powerful and great and having most profound senses and intelligence.

Beware that in this you are good, and seek truth and [what is] most holy.
Sigil of Raphael Archangel of the Sun
Sigil of Raphael, Archangel of the Sun
The image of Sunday. The first image is of Sunday. Make it of gold or brass or yellow wax, and write on it the following names when Leo rises in the month of August or April. Here are the names of the angels of Leo: Raphael, Dardyl, Vrlathafel.
The name of the winds or spirits that always rule over Leo: Baythan, and his helpers Cahatus, Cardas, Yabal. When you wish to bind tongues that this image in the hour named when it is convenient for you with the [Ascendant] as said, and conjure over it this conjuration:

I conjure you angels established over the Sun: Banarga, Lyon, Cylon, Bamayon, Admyon, Assuerop, Tayuf, Rem, Letana, Baupa, Yanoth, Haralyl, Quilil, Casub, Nubtub, Caytuli, Catub, by the creator of heaven and earth and the four parts of the world and the winds between heaven and earth, God who is over everything, most powerful and most high, and none is before him, he preserves all things and all things are born through him: Yat, Faoli, Ydardyel, Tcalatasyel. Likewise I conjure you by these names: Vasamiaa, Licaa, Cassaa, Lamubtub, Olut, Elos, Cymehalod, and by him who knows the secret sciences and exposes them, Yfael, Cardiel, Telataph, El, work and complete my request and do the work which I which to have finished.

Munich Necromancer's Manual, Clm 840 at 37q, from "Forbidden Rites", Richard Kieckhefer (Penn State Press, 1997) at 317-8. Translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The chart above shows the election for the Sun image, August 20, 2006 at 6:32 a.m EDT in Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The Sun rises in his sign Leo, it is the month of August, plus it is the planetary hour of the Sun. This works for the Munich Necromancer's Manual talisman and as a good Sun talisman election otherwise.
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