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Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Current Astrological Chart
For July 2006

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June, 2006: Study Election
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Images & Sigils of


This current chart is from a new traditional source that I have just begun translating, The Images and Sigils of Solomon from a 17th century manuscript, Sloane 3822, newly received from the British Library. The original of this manuscript was said to be obtained from the discovery of the works of Solomon, "...and the title of the book was the Seals of Stones according to your Lord and according to the course of the Stars." Ms Sloane 3822 at folio 134.
In a very interesting section of The Images and Sigils of Solomon the talismans of the extra Zodiacal constellations are discussed. This is very useful because our other traditional sources have tended to focus on the planets and on the subdivisions of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, like the decans.
We have a fascinating treatise, Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars which is useful because the constellations are made up of fixed stars, but we have little on the use of the constellations themselves. Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy does mention the images of the Zodiacal constellations in Book II, chapter 36. In fact, this material, whose source is not provided in the critical edition of De Occulta Philosophia ed. Compagni (Brill, 1992) is quite similar to passages of The Images and Sigils of Solomon, which may well have a common source. Similarly Agrippa gives a short explanation of the uses of some of the extra-Zodiacal constellations at Book II, chapter 37, which again are similar to The Images and Sigils of Solomon. For example, Cassiopeia, "...restoreth weak bodies and strentheneth the members."
Here is the pertinent section from the The Images and Sigils of Solomon on the constellation Cassiopeia,

Arabic Cassiopeia
Arabic Depiction of Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia mulieris imago est sedentis in cathedra habentis manus portectas ad modum crucis aliquando cum triangulo in capite in signem autem tauri constituitus & in septentrionali parte, eius natura est Saturno & venere cum hac sculpta fuerit in conveniente lapide virtus eius erit hominibus sanitatem prebere, infemi [infirma] & defatigata corpora restaurare quietem and tranquilitatem post conceptum laborem gestantibus prebere...

The image of Cassiopeia is a woman seated in a throne having her hands before her in the manner of a cross or triangle, [the constellation] is found in the head of the sign of Taurus in the Northern region, [constellation's] nature is of Saturn and Venus, sculpted in an appropriate stone [this image] has the power to make a sick man healthy and to restore quiet and tranquility to the body after conception and labor.

The Images and Sigils of Solomon, Sloane Ms 3822 (Translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq.)
In Greek myth, Cassiopeia, the Queen of Ethiopia, boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids, the nymphs of Poseidon, the sea god. Poseidon's anger could only be assuaged by the exposure of Cassiopeia's daughter Andromeda who was subsequently rescued by Perseus. The constellation Cassiopeia is found near Polaris, the North Star and when its stars are projected onto the Ecliptic, it covers from 3 to 23 degrees of Taurus.
Marsilio Ficino
Marsilio Ficino
Now The Images and Sigils of Solomon does not provide astrological timing instructions for the creation of most of the constellational talismans. For this we turn to Marsilio Ficino, the Renaissance philosopher and mage. In his Three Books on Life Ficino discusses two different examples of constellational talismans.
The first is that of Ursa Minor the Lesser Bear, the constellation that contains Polaris, the North Star. Ficino says, "I planned to engrave a loadstone as best I could with the figure of the celestial Bear when the Moon was in one of her better aspects with it and then to suspend it from my neck with an iron thread." Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch. 15. Ficino goes on to discuss a ring of the constellation Serpentarius, stating that, "...when wearing this ring you would be safe from poison and poisonous diseases, provided, of course, you make it when the Moon aspects Serpentarius. Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch. 15.
Therefore, the procedure for constellational talismans is the same as fixed star talismans. We are to make them when the Moon makes an applying conjunction, sextile or trine to them. Our experience with fixed star talismans is that they are most effective when the star is rising and the Moon is applying to a conjunction. Therefore, the appropriate time to create our talisman of Cassiopeia is when that constellation is rising and the Moon is applying to a conjunction.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The chart above shows the midpoint for the election July 19, 2006 at 1:15 a.m EDT in Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Since Cassiopeia extends from 3 to 23 Taurus, this constellation rises from 12:45-1:47 am EDT on July 19, 2006 at this location. At this time, the Moon rises and thus is conjunct Cassiopeia.
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