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Below are links to the Current Charts for 2003. Here are 2002 charts of the week, 2001 charts of the week and the most recent Current Charts.
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Chart for December, 2003:
5th Mansion Talisman
Chart for November, 2003:
Venus Love Talisman
Chart for October, 2003: 3rd
Mansion Talisman for Good Things
Chart for September, 2003:
Spica Talisman for Riches
Chart for August, 2003:
Jupiter Cazimi Talisman
2nd Chart for July, 2003:
Mercury in Virgo Talisman
1st Chart for July, 2003:
Mysterium Sigillorum
Sun Talisman
2nd Chart for June, 2003:
Picatrix Business Talisman
1st Chart for June, 2003:
Dream Talisman
Chart for May, 2003:
Pest Control Talisman
Chart for April, 2003:
Love with Sun & Saturn
Chart for March, 2003:
Sell Gold Stocks?
March 3-9, 2003: Picatrix
Saturn Longevity Talisman
February 17-23, 2003:
Agrippa's Antares Talisman
Week of 1/27-2/3, 2003
Venus Images for Love
January 20-26, 2003:
Picatrix 2nd Face Leo Talisman
January 13-19, 2003: Picatrix
3rd Face Aries Talisman
January 6-12, 2003:
Double Marriage Talismans
1st Chart for March, 2004:
Moon Talisman
Chart for February, 2004:
Mercury Talisman
Chart for January, 2004:
Good Neighbor Talisman


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