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Christopher Warnock, Esq.
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For April 2003

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Elections for love and marriage are often requested, but almost always quite challenging. The 17th century English astrologer William Ramesey sets forth numerous rules for marriage, including rules for the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses, their rulers, their aspects, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, the sign on the Ascendant and the sign of the Moon. Getting all these factors in a positive state without any negative influences is not possible in any individual chart. Instead we must rank our factors in importance and decide what is good enough and what can be dispensed with.
Generally I try to make sure first that Venus, the natural ruler of love is well fortified. Then the rulers of the first and seventh houses, representing the potential spouses. I then try to have the ruler of the first and seventh applying to a positive aspect. Just these four conditions can be very hard to satisfy, particularly when the elector wants to get married on Saturday at 2 p.m. in June!
One of the nice things, however, about stumbling on a good marriage election is that it is so useful for a variety of purposes because the first house always represents the elector and the 7th signifies so many things. Thus a marriage election, as shown below, is good not only for marriage, but love, partnership, closing a business deal, getting tenants or renting an apartment, etc.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is April 14, 2003 at 1:14 pm EST (+5) at Cleveland Park, a Washington, D.C. neighborhood, 38 N 56 77 W 03, Venus is dignified by exaltation and triplicity and is conjunct the 9th house cusp.
The ruler of the first is the Sun, who is dignified by triplicity and exaltation and is conjunct the Midheaven. He is also almuten of the 10th house. This is helpful as the 10th house shows how the couple will get along after marriage.
The ruler of the seventh is Saturn, dignified by triplicity and term in the 11th of hopes and dreams. The Sun is in a partile applying sextile of Saturn. Not bad!
Now we do note that the Moon has just separated from a square of Saturn and she is peregrine. She moves to trine Mars, not well placed in the sixth, but highly dignified and positive as the ruler of the 10th.

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