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Of Elections appertaining to the signification of the seventh house, and touching Marriage.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Ascendant & Seventh House
Tenth House
Fourth House
The Moon
Signs in the Ascendant
Natal Considerations

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Of Elections appertaining to the signification of the seventh house, and touching Marriage.

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You see we are now to Treat (according to a regular course) of such things as come under the signification of the seventh house, having done with the sixth, and give you the most authentick Rules appertaining to the Elections of any work having relation thereunto: we shall therefore according to our former method proceed, and speak first of Marriages, being the chiefest or principallest matter under its significations...let us now descend to particulars, and first (as hath been said) of Marriages.
Know that in this manner of Judgment, it is most requisite to know exactly your significators; otherways it is impossible ever to frame any sure or solid judgement Wherefore then observe, that the Ascendent, its Lord, the Sun and the Planet from whom the Moon last separated, are significators of the Man; the seventh house, its Lord, Venus and the Planet to whom the Moon next applies, of the woman.
The tenth house, the Lord thereof, and the Planet or Planets therein or in configuration therewith, or with the Lord thereof, hath signification of those things that shall happen between them, viz. whether good or ill.
fourth house, its Lord, and the Planet or Planets therein, or in configuration thereof; or with its Lord, hath signification of the event and end of the Marriage.
Wherefore in this matter when you make any Election, have special regard to the Moon; for according to her fortitude or debility, thou mayest judge the good or bad event of any of these.
ercury is not to be rejected, for he hath signification of the children which they are to have, so that if at the time of Marriage or contract, he be well dignified, and in Conjunction or Aspect with the Fortunes, thou mayst assuredly say the married couple shall soon have a child. The Antients have said the same, he being but in configuration with the Fortunes; but I hold it most true if he be in his own dignities-

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also at that time, and beholding them out of the fifth house, and the more assured will this be, if they be in prolifical Signs.
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Let the Moon be increasing in light and motion, at the time of the Marriage, and see that she be not joyned to any Infortune in the Ascendent; for that signifieth that the parties then Married shall be continually in strife and contention, brawling and discord; so likewise if in either of their Nativities this position be found, then that party that hath this in the Radix shall have most power and bear greatest sway; yet note if the Moon upon such a constellation in any ones Nativity be above the earth, that party that hath her so posited shall be inclined (notwithstanding the strife and contention the party is naturally prone to) to make peace again, and compose all differences.
But what ever you do, be sure you fortifie
Venus, and see that she be not Cadent, Retrograde, Combust, nor in her Fall or Detriment, nor in any malevolent configuration with the Infortunes; for it is impossible the Marriage should be good where Venus is impotent or afflicted; neither can it be very bad if she be strong and well aspected of the Fortunes; for in Marriages she is the chief significatrix;
Wherefore, if possible, make
Jupiter to be in Sextile or Trine with Venus, or she in reception with him, and the Moon in the house of either Jupiter or Venus, or in one of their terms; and, if possible, also in good aspect with them, or place the Lord of the seventh in Sextile or Trine of Venus, the Moon, or Lord of the Ascendent; but make the Lord of the seventh apply or else be disposed of by them either by house, exaltation, triplicity, term, or face; but by house or exaltation is best, &c.
Let the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus, if possible, be in Sextile or Trine of each other, but the Trine is best, and out of the watry triplicity; but be sure then you let them not be in such signs or parts of signs as are to be avoided: For Ancients have taught that the Moon, or indeed (as I hold) any of the significators, Jupiter, or Venus, is not to be placed in the Ascendent at the time of Marriage in any of these
signs following which are to be avoided or shunned.
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Aries, Cancer, Libra and Aquaries, are to be avoided in Marriage; yet I conceive (with some of the Ancients) Libra may be chosen for betrothing or contracting, though not for marrying.
Taurus from the first degree to the twentieth is good, from the twentieth to the end bad. The first fifteen degrees of Gemini are good, the last bad. The whole sign of Leo is good, only it causeth the one to deceive the other of their substance.
Virgo signifieth the woman shall soon lose her husband; wherefore it may be beneficial to her, though pernicious to him, women seldom loving so affectionately as men.
The first fifteen degrees of Scorpio are good to Marry a Maid or Virgin in, for that it denotes she will be obedient, good and chaste, also loving to her husband: but the latter fifteen degrees are altogether to be rejected in that it causeth the Woman to be of disposition quite contrary; viz. lewd, a Brawler, Perfidious, unconstant, envious, malitious and disobedient, &c.
Sagittary is indifferent, as some of the Ancients hold; I for my part cannot agree to reject it.
The first ten degrees of Capricorn are to be neglected, yet the other two last faces are good, and signifie the woman shall be loving and tractable to the will and desire of the man, and they are better in a Widow then a Maid, excepting they cause but few children.
Note that the Moon in Aquaries at the time of Marriage, causeth the woman to be of a manly spirit and disobedient to her husband.
Pisces is good, in that it denotes the woman to be loving and just; yet it will also cause her to be addicted to twatling and prating, which will now and then lessen the mans love towards her.

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Understand this, when the Moon is in any of these signs, or the Cusp of the Ascendent, or if Venus be therein, yet their significations will be most manifest, the Moon being therein.
Yet hadst thou Venus, the Moon, Ascendent, the Sun, and Lord of the Ascendent fortunate in the Radix, thou needest not much to observe these, or if they be but indifferently well dignified and located:
It is but making the significators in the Womans Radix (if it could be procured) apply by a benevolent aspect to the significators in thy own, or let thine dispose of hers, or let hers translate the light of the benevolents to thine, or be in reception with thine by House or Exaltation, and out of good Houses, or but indifferent. Houses, so they be in reception;
And thou shalt assuredly find the match in all respects fortunate and agreeable to thy desire, if thou desirest to live contentedly and lovingly with her.
If at the time of marriage Jupiter be in a feminine sign, and Venus in a masculine, the marriage shall conduce more to the good of the man then the woman: but if the sign wherein Jupiter is be a masculine, and the sign wherein Venus is be a feminine, judge the contrary.
See that in Marriages you let the Moon be increasing in light and motion, but be sure she increase in light, and if possible let it be before she be past the first Square of the Sun.
Have regard also to the Radix of both parties if they can be procured; for if there be fortunes in the mid-heaven at the time of their Nativities, or such Planets as are in configuration with the fortunes, the new-married Couple shall have Issue the first year of their marriage.
If in their Nativities you find in one and the same place fortunate Planets, they shall assuredly be loving the one to the other: And this is a rule which will serve in the Nativity of any two.
If in the Radix thou findest the Lord of the tenth in the ninth, there shall be no Conception the first month, as say some of the Learned; a little observation will soon verifie it; wherefore till then I shall leave it in doubt, being a thing not much material.
But if thou wouldst know which of the two shall be most Master, or bear greatest sway, look into both their Nativities, and see (as say some of the Ancients) if the Moon of eithers Radix be in the twelfth House of the others Nativity, and that party which hath the Moon of the others in his Radix thus located, shall be predominant.
That party is most subordinate to the others disposition, that hath the Lord of the Ascendent the Moon or the Sun (in the Nativity of the man, and Ascendents Lord, the Moon and Venus, in the Radix of the Woman) disposed of by the significators in the others Nativity, or applying to any aspect with them, except there be strong reception, and that causeth a mutual amity .I have observed also, that that party which had their significators in their Nativity strongest and most essentially fortified, to have the most respect and bear chiefest rule over the others inclinations and humours, &c.
To conclude, Know that it is a fit time (having considered what hath been already said) to marry when the Ascendent is assisted by the benevolent aspects of the Fortunes, or they therein located; but if it be afflicted by the Malevolents either by body or aspect, judge the contrary.
Note also, that when the Moon and Venus are in moveable signs, the joy and mirth between those then married will not be of long continuance. And thus much for the electing a time for marriage; let us therefore now proceed.


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