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Of the Exaltations and Fall of the Planets, and wherefore they were so constituted.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Page 69


Of the Exaltations and Fall of the Planets, and wherefore they were so constituted.

Enter we shall here (as in the preceding Chapter) with the Luminaries, and first with the Sun, as being the chief light, and Fons vita, the Fountain of life; the Sun then is said to be in the point of his Exaltation when he is in the 19. degree of Aries, he being then in the highest Northern point of the Ecliptick, by which all things are made to spring and flourish, the heat of weather and the length of days being increased; therefore for the same reason contrary is he said to be in his Fall in Libra, it being the opposite sign in the heavens to Aries, in the which he declineth Southward, by the which the shortness of the days and cold is increased, to the hinderance of the fertility of the earth.
The Sun in Aries then being the cause and original of all things; and because the Moon hath her light from him, she being in conjunction with him in Aries, shews her self first unto us in Taurus, the first sign in which she hath Triplicity; and therefore for these causes she is said to be in exaltation in Taurus, in which she is also increased in light; and in Scorpio she is in Fall (for that it is the sign opposite to Taurus) wherein she is also decreasing in light, it being the next sign after Libra the opposite sign to the Suns exaltation when she is in her Fall, being in Conjunction in Aries, or receiving there her first light.

Satirical Print of Exaltation
And because as you have heard before, Saturn is most remote from the Sun, contrary in houses, and author of cold, as the Sun is of heat; therefore is he exalted in that sign in which heat is diminished, and cold increased, viz. Libra; and in his fall where cold is diminished and heat increased, viz. Aries, quite contrary to the Sun.
Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and in fall in Capricorn, for that Jupiter delighteth in the Northern part of Heaven, stirring up Northern winds, which causeth fertility, and maketh things to grow, and his greatest declination Northward is in Cancer, wherefore he is therein exalted, and by reason of the contrary, is he in Fall in Capricorn.
Mars is naturally hot and dry, and because he sheweth his effects more powerfully in Capricorn (it being a Southern sign, where the Sun is most hot, viz. about noon) is he said to be exalted therein, and in fall in Cancer, quite contrary to Jupiter, Mars being violent, Jupiter temperate.
And because Venus is naturally moyst, and chiefly in Pisces, by which the Spring is moistened and increased in strength, is she said to be exalted in Pisces, she being the cause of generation and procreation: wherefore in Autumn when all things wither, and fade, viz. in Virgo, is she in fall.
Mercury, for that he is dry and contrary unto Venus, is exalted in Virgo, and in fall in Pisces, Virgo being both his house and joy.


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