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The Signs in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Aquarius in Renaissance Astrology

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Aquarius, the Water Bearer

The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Aquarius.

from William Lilly's Christian Astrology
(1st ed. 1647, reprinted 1985 Regulus).

Page 98


The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Aquarius.

NATURE AND PROPERTY OF AQUARIUS. Aquarius is an aierial, hot and moyst Sign, of the aiery Triplicity, diurnal, Sanguine, fixed, rational, humane, masculine, the principall house of Saturn, and house wherein he most rejoyceth; Western.

SICKNESSE. Aquarius Governeth the Legs, Ancles, and all manner

Page 99

of infirmities incident to those members, all melancholy Winds coagulated in the Veines, or disturbing the Blood, Cramps, &c.

PLACES. Hilly and uneven places, places new digged, or where quarries of Stone are, or any Minerals have been digged up; in Houses, the roofs, eaves or upper parts; Vineyards, or neer some I little Spring or Conduit-head.

SHAPE AND FORM. It presents a squat, thick Corporature, or one of a strong, well composed Body, not tall; a long Visage, sanguine Complexion; if Saturn who is Lord of this house, be in Capricorn or Aquarius, the party is black in Hair, and in Complexion sanguine, with distorted Teeth; otherwayes, I have observed the party is of cleer, white or fair Complexion, and of sandy coloured Hair, or very flaxen, and a very pure Skin.

KINGDOMS, COUNTRIES, CITIES. Tartary, Croatia, Valachia, Muscovia, Westphalia in Germany, Piemont in Savoy, the West and South parts of Bavaria, Media, Arabia, Hamborough, Breme, Montsserat and pisaurum in Italy, Trent, Ingolstad.


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