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The Signs in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Aries in Renaissance Astrology

The Signs in Renaissance Astrology
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Aries, the Ram

The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Aries.

from William Lilly's Christian Astrology
(1st ed. 1647, reprinted 1985 Regulus).

Page 93


The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Aries.

QUALITY. Aries is a Masculine, Diurnall Sign, moveable, Cardinall, Equinoctiall; in nature fiery, hot and dry, cholerick, bestial, luxurious, intemperate and violent: the diurnall house of Mars of the Fiery Triplicity, and of the East.

DISEASES. All Pushes, Whelks, Pimples in the Face, small Pocks, hare Lips, Polypus, (noli me tangere) Ring-worms, Falling-sicknesse, Apoplexies, Megrims, Tooth-ach, Head-ach and Baldnesse.

PLACES ARIES SIGNIFIETH. Where Sheep and small Cattle doe feed or use to be, sandy and hilly Grounds, a place of refuge for Theeves, (as some unfrequented place;) in Houses, the Covering, Seeling or Plaisting of it, a Stable of small Beasts, Lands newly taken in, or newly plowed, or where Bricks have been burned or Lyme.

DESCRIPTION. A dry Body, not exceeding in height, lean or spare, but lusty Bones, and the party in his Limmes strong; the

Page 94

Visage long; black Eye-browes, a long Neck, thick Shoulders, the Complexion dusky brown or swartish.

KINGDOMS SUBJECT TO ARIES. Germany, Swevia, Polonia, Burgundy, France, England, Denmark, Silesia the higher, Judea, Syria.

CITIES. Florence, Capua, Napels, Ferrara, Verona, Utrecht, Marselles, Augustia, Casarea, Padna, Bergamo.


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