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The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
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Of the Terms of the Planets, wherefore so called, and so assigned to every of the five Planets.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Page 71


Of the Terms of the Planets, wherefore so called, and so assigned to every of the five Planets.

Here now you must know the Sun and Moon have no terms; A Term is a certain number of degrees, which in each sign (whether it be exaltation or house) every of these five Planets, viz. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury, have a priority; which by long study and experience was at the last (by Gods assistance) found out by the Antients.
Erasmus with a statute of Terminus
They are called Terms, Ends or Bounds, for that the Planets have their proportion so allotted them, that at the end of so many degrees, begin the bounds, terms or ends of another Planet: As for example, from the first degree of Aries to the fixt is the term, end, or bounds of Jupiter; from the 6. to the 14. is the term of Venus, &c...
But the reason why the Planets are after this manner divided into terms, is briefly this. The Sages and Philosophers in former Ages followed this rule; first, to observe what Planet had most dignities in a sign; whether by Exaltation and House, Triplicity and House; or House, Exaltation or Triplicity only;
And to that Planet that had two or more Dignities, they assigned the first term, whether he were a Fortune or Infortune; and if an Infortune have not two dignities in a sign, they placed them last, and gave them the last term of the sign, and the first term to the Lord of the Exaltation, to the Lord of the Triplicity, or the Lord of the House; ever preferring him who hath two dignities before those or him that had but one, except only in Cancer and Leo; for because Cancer is the opposite sign to the exaltation of Mars, viz. Capricorn; therefore is the first term of Cancer assigned to Mars; and because Leo is the opposite sign to the house and joy of Saturn, is the first term of Leo given

Begin Page 72


to him; to the Infortunes are given still the last of all the signs, except of Leo; the last term is given to Jupiter; the quantity of the terms are thus divided; when Jupiter and Venus have not two of the aforesaid dignities in the same sign, nor in the second, third, nor fourth, they have seven degrees alotted them for their term: Saturn and Mars, because they are infortunes (except in their own houses) but five; sometimes four, three, and two; Mercury, for that he is of a mixt nature, and naturally neither good nor bad, hath six degrees alotted him.
Roman Mile Stone
In like manner, when a Planet hath the aforesaid dignities, he hath assigned him one more, as Venus in the first term of Taurus hath assigned her eight degrees; and Saturn in the first term of Aquaries hath six degrees alotted him; and where Venus hath eight, you see Saturn hath but two in Taurus, being so much diminished, he being very weak in Taurus:
So also in Sagittary, you see Jupiter is increased one, being he is there strong; and Mercury being weak, is diminished one; Jupiter hath eight, Mercury but five; but why they are so divided throughout the signs,
I finde no Author give sufficient reasons; I mean for this Table, according to Ptolomie, which, he saith, he found in an old rotten worm-eaten book, which was half consumed with worms and age, in which, he saith, there was a long story of the utility and reasons of the terms: but by reason of the so much decay of the Book it could not be legible, so that he could not transcribe it; and so leaveth the Reader still in doubt concerning this point, the clearing whereof requireth much time and study, which shall not be wanting hereafter in me to bestow (God granting me life and health) for the benefit both of the Art and Students therein. In the interim be content with what I have now delivered.


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