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William Ramesey
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William Ramesey

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By the secret working of the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World...a subtile or spiritual quality known to the Wise...all Inferior Things have their dependency and government from the Superior.

William Ramesey


Ramesey's Biography


The relaxation of censorship and upsurge in interest in astrology in England in the mid-seventeenth century saw the publication of a wide number of books on astrology. The invention of printing as well as the adoption of English rather than Latin by astrological authors brought a mass audience to astrology.
William Ramesey is an excellent example of English astrology at its height of popularity and development. His Astrologia Restaurata or Astrology Restored, published in London in 1653, provides the most complete set of rules for electional astrology available in English. Astrology Restored is available from Ballantrae Reprints under the title Introduction to the Judgment of the Stars.
A number of selections from Astrologia Restaurata are available on this web site including Ramesey on the Planetary Rulerships of the Signs, on the Exaltations and Falls of the Planets, on the Triplicities and on the Terms, as well as the Names of the Signs and the Order of the Signs.

Ramesey's Biography

From Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

To the Judicious Reader

Page 28

The time and place of his birth, and his parentage and family.

I was born the thirteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord 1626. stilo Anglia, in the City of Westminster, in the County of Middlesex Angliae.
My Mother was by birth of England, and were all her Predecessors, my Father of Scotland and that of an antient family viz. of Eighther house, which hath flourished in great glory for 1500 and years till these latter days, as the Records there testifie.

The original of my Name and stock.

The Original of our Name was from the residence of his and my Progenitors in the Land of Egypt, from the pleasantness of the soyl where they inhabited, or of herbs growing thereon, which therefore had the same name, RAMESEY, in English being as much as to say Joy and (not Delight, and this was in that County which is called Goshen;
Heraldic Device
From thence they came into the Germany under the conduct of the Roman Emperour, in which Wars for their service they obtained of him in a field Argent, the Eagle sable displayed, with one head for their coat of and Arms; whence (the War being ended) being desirous to travel, they took ship, intending for England,
Being often kept back by stress of weather and Divine Providence, they at length resolved to take that place for their residence to Posterity where they should be first forced to for Land; and not many days after, it so happened they were driven into an harbour in Scotland on that coast which is called Fife, where they being but eight in number left alive, built the aforesaid house, and called it by that name in their Language, which hath since been thus called, according to the speech of the Countrey, viz. [ Eighther-house]
It is further recorded of them, that as they increased in number they dispersed themselves into several Families, of the which Dalhousie is now reported the chief, William Lord Ramesey being Earl thereof.
But to come neerer home, when our late Soveraign Lord King James of happy memory came to the Crown of England, he sent into France for my Father, who was then there, and made him Page of the Bedchamber and Groom of the Privy-chamber, and Keeper of all his Majesties Clocks and watches; this I mention for that by some he hath bin termed no better then a watch-maker, I contemn no trade or lawful vocation whatsoever, but I would have men speake the truth; it's confest his ingenuity led him to understand any peece of work in that nature; we read the same of Henry the 4th. of France and Lewis the 13th. and many Princes and Emperors of Germany and others, which I could (but for brevities sake) record, and therefore the king conferred that place upon him: Now how this should prove him a Watch-maker and no other, more then the late Earles of Pembrook ordinary Chamberlains because they bore this office in the Kings house, do thou judge; but this by the way.

Where the Author had his education, and how be hath since spent his days.

As soon as I was of any capacity, I was put to School in St. Albones in Hartfordshire, Bushy, I Westminster, Milend-green, and other places; and when I should have gone to Oxford, by reason I of our late differences I was prevented, and therefore being desirous to further by Learning, I

Begin Page 29

University of St Andrews
importuned my Father to send me to St. Andrews in Scotland, but there also I was disappointed by the frequent approaches of the Marquess of Montrosse and his Army; I therefore (rather then fail) setled in Edinburgh Colledge, where I continued till it pleased God to visit that Town with Pestilence, the which at length growing very hot,
I returned in April 1645. into England, and have remained in London ever since, wholly applying my self, as ever, to the study of Nature, and the more secret and sublime Sciences, but practised nothing save Physick; for our homebred differences and distractions, rending me (with many others) mean in the sight of the more inferiour Spirits of the world (for wealth and honour I perceive brings not nobleness of mind) I would not associate my self with many men and much acquaintance, but still lived an obscure, retired and reserved life, dedicating myselfe wholly (I say) to my book, so that I dare boldly averr and (notwithstanding I was born and bred-up all my days in and about this City of London, save only lnto the time I was in Scotland)
I am not familiarly acquainted with three people in all England; for such is my disposition, that I had rather be a stranger in the Land of my Nativity (in this perverse and rebellious Age) and to the generality of men living there, then to my self and my own for conscience; the which so long as I may freely enjoy, I shall never repine but be ever content with what condition, loss or change soever, God hath farther in his Wisdom and Providence decreed for me; to whom for eternal protection I shall here commend thee and remain.


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