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Electional Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Ramesey on Career Elections

Medieval Manuscript

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Of Rules for Electing Matters Appertaining to Honor & Career

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Containing necessary Rules for putting Children to a Trade

Of learning any Art or Occupation.

Begin Page 132


Containing necessary Rules for putting Children to a Trade

Medieval Border Illustration
And if you send any childe or youth to Apprentice, fortifie the Moon, and the Lord of the tenth, and sign of the tenth, also the sign of the tenth and Lord of the tenth in the radix of the Youths Nativity;
See what Planet the Trade he is to be bound to doth properly belong, and fortifie him both in your Radix and time;
As if the trade, profession or occupation be a Currier, Potter, Plummer, Brickmaker, Maltste Chandler, Gardner, or a Worker in Mines, &c.. fortifie Saturn.
If thou makest the childe a Clothier, or Wollen-draper, or a Lawyer, Divine, or of any Ecclesiastic calling, fortifie Jupiter.
If a Physitian, Souldier, Apothecary, Alchimist, Chirurgion, Watch-maker, Cutler, Butcher, Smith, Baker, Barber, Dyer, Cook, Tanner or Carpenter, fortifie Mars.
Medieval Border Illustration
If a Goldsmith, Minter of money, Coppersmith, Brasier or Pewterer, fortifie the Sun.
If a Silk-man, Musitian, Mercer, Linnin-draper, Limner, Painter, Lapidar, Jeweller, Player, Embroiderer, Perfumer, Graver, Seamster, Glover or Upholsterer, &c. fortifie Venus.
If an Astrologer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Merchant, Scrivener, Sculptor, Poet, Schoolmaster, Printer, Stationer, Attorney, Clerk, Solicitor or Taylor, &c. fortifie Mercury.
If a Saylor, Fisherman, Fishmonger, Vintner, Brewer, Huntsman, Miller, Maltster, &c. fortifie the Moon, as you have been taught in the second Book.


Begin Page 198



Of learning any Art or Occupation.

Medieval Border Illustration
Most of the Ancients have placed this matter in this House [the 10th] I conceive their reason was, because a Trade or Occupation is the highest dignity such can look for that are bound thereunto.
Wherefore in this matter you are exactly to distinguish of the Planet signifying the Trade or Mysterie you would learn, the which you have been taught in the second Book of this Volume; then let your Ascendent or tenth House be a sign wherein that Planet beareth dominion by House;
As if you would learn Morality or any study, or if thou desirest to be a Merchant, place Gemini or Virgo in the Ascendent or else Libra, the last fifteen degrees of Sagittary or Aquaries, and fortifie the Lord of the Ascendent, an the Cusp of the tenth, and its Lord, Mercury also and the Moon; yet have a more special care to fortifie Mercury then any other, because he is the Planet signifying the Trade or Occupation.
Medieval Border Illustration
Still remember to fortifie the Lord of the Trade, or that Planet which naturally hath signification thereof above any other; for I shall say no more on this matter in this place, since I have been large in the second Section and first Chapter of this third Book, whether I shall here ref err thee, and now proceed, being even weary of reiterations:
For whoso can understand the reason and ground of anyone Election, hath sufficient to lead him through all other whatsoever, without these needless repetitions, or else he shall never be able to apprehend them when we have said all we can; yet because I have an earnest desire to make every thing plain even to the weakest capacity, I have been thus tedious; yet whoso shall compare me with the Ancients, will find I do not equal them in tautologies.


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