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The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
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Of the Triplicities of the Planets, and the Reasons why they were so appointed.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Page 70


Of the Triplicities of the Planets, and the Reasons why they were so appointed.

Thus then first you must know, that a Triplicity is no more then three signs of the Zodiack, all of one nature, making a perfect triangle; and of these Triplicities, amongst the signs there are four, viz. the Fiery-Triplicity, the Aery-Triplicity, the Watry-Triplicity, and the Earthy- Triplicity.
The Fiery-Triplicity, consisteth of Aries, Leo and Sagittary: the Aery, of Gemini, Libra and Aquaries: the Watry, of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: the Earthy, of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; and these signs behold one another with a Trine; as a Planet in a fiery sign beholds another Planet in another fiery sign (being in equal number of degrees) with a Trine; as also a Planet in an Aery sign, another Planet in an Aery sign; one in a Watry sign, another in a Watry sign; in an Earthy sign, a Planet in 'an Earthy sign. And this Trine Aspect, consists of an hundred and twenty degrees, &c.
The Sun and Jupiter have dominion in the Fiery-Triplicity, the Sun by day, and Jupiter by night: the Sun, for that he is hot and fiery, of the nature of these signs; and Jupiter , for that he is temperate, and to moderate the extremity thereof, therefore he ruleth this Triplicity in the night: yet some of the Ancients [e.g., Dorotheus of Sidon, whom I follow] have added in government with them Saturn, that by his cold nature, he may temperate the excess of heat. This is the Eastern Triplicity.
Saturn and Mercury have dominion in the Aery-Triplicity, which is Western, Mercury by night, and Saturn by day; Libra is his Exaltation (and you have heard for what reasons) Aquaries is his house and sign wherein he most doth joy; Gemini is Mercuries house; wherefore Saturn hath chief Dominion in this Triplicity; yet some have joyned Jupiter in signification with them, by reason of his temperancy.
Mars both night and day, hath assigned him chief Dominion of the Watry Triplicity; this Triplicity is Northern: certainly the reason why Mars was assigned chief Rule of the Water, was to cool his courage and abate his heat; for we see he is more powerfull to work his mischievous pranks in Leo then in Cancer; for he having dominion and rule in Cancer, he worketh not altogether so much mischief (yet is he in Fall in Cancer, but Peregrine in Leo) wherefore a Planet Peregrine is worse then a Planet in Fall, if he be but in a term: yet some of the Ancients have joyned Venus and the Moon with Mars, by reason Cancer is the Moons house, and Pisces the Exaltation of Venus .
Venus and Luna are appointed chief Governesses of the Earthy-Triplicity, which is Feminine and Southern, cold and moyst, causing South-east winds, cold and moyst Ayr; and therefore assigned to these Feminine Planets.


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