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The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Bethem on Essential Dignity & Debility

Portrait of Youth

The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
Ramesey on the Planetary
Rulerships of the Signs
Ramesey on the Exaltations
and Falls of the Planets
Ramesey on the Triplicities
Ramesey on the Terms
The Signs of the Zodiac in Renaissance Astrology
Lilly on the Uses of the Signs
Ramesey: the Names of the Signs
Ramesey: the Order of the Signs
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In any Geniture, Election or Question whatever Saturn bindeth, Jupiter dissolves.
Whatever Mars at any time bindeth, Venus sets free.

Bethem's Centiloquim
Aphorisms 78 & 79

Bethem's Centiloquim, or his 100 Aphorisms, rendered into English.

selections from John Partridge's Mikropanastron
(London, 1679) pages 322-332.

Aphorism 13

A Planet in anothers house who rules the same Trigon, is as a man in the House or Castle of his friend.

Aphorism 14

If Cadent from his House or Exaltation, he is as one absent from his abode.

Aphorism 15

A Planet in his House or Exaltation, is as one in his Castle or strong hold.

Sick at Home
Aphorism 16

If in his House or Exaltation Retrograde, he is as a Sick man at home.

Aphorism 17

If combust in his own House, he is as a man confin'd thereto by his King.

Aphorism 18

If in his own Dignity and Cadent, he is as a man vexed, and fearful.

Aphorism 19

Fortunate Planets Retrograde are unfortunate; if Cadent from Angles or their Houses, &c. as one hoping for good, but misses it.

Aphorism 21

An Infortune in his own House direct, and there joyned to a Fortune, his Malignancy shall turn to good.

Aphorism 26

An earthy Planet in the Ascendant strong, he argues good in any thing, (that is) a Planet ruling the earthy Trigon.
Joan of Arc Taken to Prison

Aphorism 27

A Planet not in his own House, is as a man knocking at another's Door, and his Signification is to be slighted, as having no power in that place.

Aphorism 31

A Planet in the house of his Enemy, is as a man in such a condition; a Prisoner in earnest.

Aphorism 32

A Planet in his own House free from affliction, declares the perfection of the Question or thing interrogated.


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