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The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
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Of the Houses of the Planets, and wherefore they were so distributed.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Page 68


Of the Houses of the Planets, and wherefore they were so distributed.

Diligently note this Chapter. The Reasons why the signs are (as abovesaid) in that manner attributed and assigned to the dominion of the Planets, I thought good here to relate, that the Students in this Noble Art may not want grounds and reasons for their Rules; as also, that they may be able to give an answer to the proudest Antagonists.
We will then, according to our method begin with the Luminaries, viz. Sol and Luna, who have Cancer and Leo assigned them by reason of their heat, which is caused through their nearness to our Zenith or Cardinal point; the Sun hath allotted him Leo, for that it is most agreeable unto his nature: besides, we see that the Sun being naturally hot and dry, doth shew its effects more forcibly in this sign then in any other; for though Aries and Sagittary be also fiery signs, yet is he not so hot, powerfull nor efficacious therein, as in Leo.
The Moon hath Cancer for the same reason allotted to her government, it being most agreeable to her temper: for Cancer is the first sign of all the rest that are moveable and watry, and so more agreeable with her temper and quality then any of the rest.


Saturn because he is naturally cold, and an enemy to heat, and the highest and most remote from the Luminaries of all the Planets, hath therefore assigned him Capricorn and Aquaries, which are the opposite signs to Cancer and Leo, wherefore they are cold and moyst; and by reason of this their Opposition, Saturn is reputed hurtfull, and the most obnoxious and malevolent of all the Planets, by reason he thus opposeth the Luminaries that are the Lamps of light, life and nutrition.
And because Jupiter is placed under Saturn, he hath allotted him those two signs that go before and after Capricorn and Aquaries, viz. Sagittary and Pisces, which are in a Trine to the houses of Luminaries; Pisces his night-house to Cancer the house of the Nocturnal Luminary; and Sagittary his day-house to Leo the house of the Diurnal Luminary: wherefore they are temperate, and by reason of this their Amical Aspect he is concluded assistant, temperate and good; fortunate and benevolent to mankinde, and the greatest Fortune of all the Planets.
Mars in order followeth Jupiter whom you have heard is immediately placed after him; and ltherefore those signs which go before and after the houses of Jupiter are given to him, viz. Scorpio and Aries, which are in a Square to the houses of the Luminaries, viz. Aries his day- house to Cancer, and Scorpio his night-house to Leo; wherefore by reason a Square is an Aspect of enmity, he is accounted hurtfull and unfortunate, (yet not so bad as Saturn, who beholds them; (as hath been said) with an Opposition) and is the lesser infortune.
Venus by reason of her temperate constitution, challengeth those houses which go before and, after the houses of Mars, viz. Libra and Taurus, which are in a Sextile to the houses of the Luminaries, which is an Aspect of love and amity, causing generation and multiplication; and by reason Sextile is not so perfect an Aspect as a Trine, she is truly accounted the lesser Fortune.
And because Mercury is carried below the rest of the Stars, the two remaining signs are given him, viz. Gemini and Virgo, preceding and following the houses of the Luminaries; and because he is on neither side, and never distant from the Sun above one sign, he inclineth naturally neither to good nor bad, but is adjudged to be participating of the nature of the Planet to which he is joyned.


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