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The Signs in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Lilly on the Uses of the Zodiacal Signs

The Signs in Renaissance Astrology
Ramesey: the Names of the Signs
Ramesey: the Order of the Signs
The Nature of Aries
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William Lilly
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Teaching what use may be made of the former Discourse of the Twelve signs.

from William Lilly's Christian Astrology
(1st ed. 1647, reprinted 1985 Regulus).

Page 100


Teaching what use may be made of the former Discourse of the Twelve signs.

If one demand of the Artist, of what condition, quality or stature the person quesited, or enquired of is, then observe the Sign of that house whereby he is signified, the sign wherein the Lord of that house is, and wherein the Moon is, mix one with another, and by the greater testimonies judge; for if the Sign be humane, aerial, that ascends or descends, and the Lord of that Sign or the Moon in any Sign of the same triplicity or nature, you may judge the Body to be handsome, and the conditions of the party to be sociable, or he very courteous, &c.
If the Quere be concerning a Disease, and Aries be either on the cusp of the Ascendant, or descending in the sixt, you may judge he hath something in his Disease of the nature of Aries, but what it is, you must know by the concurrence of the other significators.
Hen and Chicks
If a Country man or Citizen hath lost or misseth and Cattle, or any materiall thing in his house, let him observe in what Sign the Significator of the thing is in; if in Aries, and it be a Beast strayed, or the like, let him see what manner of places that Sign directs unto, and let him repair thither to search, considering the quarter of the heaven the Sign signifies: if it be an unmoveable piece of Goods, that without man or woman cannot be removed, then let him look into such parts of his house, or about his house as Aries signifies.
If one aske concerning Travell, whether such a Country, City or Kingdom will be healthfull or prosperous unto him, yea or no; see in the Figure in what Sign the Lord of the Ascendant is in, if the significator be fortunate in Aries, or if Jupiter or Venus be therein, he may safely travell or sojourn in such Cities or Countries as the Sign of Aries represents, which you may easily discern in the abovenamed Catalogue: Those countries subject to the Sign wherein the Infortunes are posited, unlesse themselves

Page 101

be significators, are even unfortunate: where remember, that a Gentleman enquires usually, if he shall have his health and live jocundly in such or such a Country or City; the merchant by wholly aimes at Trade, and the encrease of his Stock, therefore in the Merchants Figure you must consider the Country or City subject to the Sign of the second house, or where the Part of Fortune is, or Lord of the second is, and which is most fortified, and thither let him Trade.


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