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Few things cause as much anxiety as money and financial issues. Horary astrology which answers questions using a chart of the time of the question, rather than a birth chart, can be very useful in answering financial questions like "Will I be Rich or Poor?" or "When Will We Get Paid?".
Electional astrology can be used to pick auspicious times for a many financial activities including, When Should I Start My Business?
A strological Magic can be used in the form of Astrological Talismans to increase business and draw money. I provide an example of a Moon Talisman for Attracting Clients & Money.

Judging Financial Questions
How to Ask "When Will I Get Paid"
What Does A Horary Financial Analysis Consist Of?

Judging Financial Questions

The famous English astrologer, William Lilly advises us when answering general financial questions to look to the second house, which signifies wealth and personal possessions, and its ruler, as well as the Part of Fortune and Jupiter, who is the natural significator of wealth. Christian Astrology pages 167-8. Lilly advises us to look to see if the ruler of the 1st who represents the querent (person asking the question) or the Moon, who is also the co-significator of the querent or Venus or Jupiter are applying to an aspect of the 2nd ruler or in the 2nd house.
In addition, when we are asking if we will get paid, it is important to take a look at the house that signifies the person who we wish to be paid by. The government, for example, is represented by the 10th house and its ruler. The government's money, is signified by the 11th house and its ruler, because it is the 2nd house (wealth) from the 10th of government. Partners and clients are represented by the 7th house and their money by the 8th and so on.
We then look to see whether there is any contact between the querent, represented by the 1st house and its ruler, his money, signified by the 2nd house and 2nd house ruler, and the planet and house representing the payor. In a question regarding a neighbor (ruled by the 3rd house) whose money is represented by the 4th house (2nd from 3rd) if the ruler of the ascendant or the Moon are aspecting the 4th ruler, we would expect that the neighbor would pay the querent. If we have this sort of positive aspect we can often use it to time when the money will be paid.

How to Ask "When Will I Get Paid?"


To ask "When Will I Get Paid?" first order on the Payment Page then Contact by phone or e-mail. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. For all horary questions I will use the chart of time, date and location that I receive and understand the question.

What Does A Horary Financial Analysis Consist Of?


As soon as your payment is received I will call you or e-mail you with a determination of your financial question. I can also make this determination for someone who is important to you. In addition, it is often possible to provide timing and other useful subsidiary information.
I will then mail an detailed one to two page written analysis and provide all relevant astrological information. Each question receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program.
I am also available for further discussion of of the practical implications of your question via e-mail or phone after you receive your written analysis. I will not, however, discuss the astrological factors considered in the reading beyond what is provided in the initial analysis.


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