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Some Glory in their Birth, Some in their Skill, Some in their Wealth...

William Shakespeare,
Sonnet 91

Few things cause as much anxiety as money and financial issues. Horary astrology, which answers questions using a chart of the time of the question, rather than a birth chart, can be very useful in answering financial questions like "Will I be Rich or Poor?" or my example, "When Will We Get Paid?".
A strological Magic can be used in the form of Astrological Talismans to increase business and draw money. I provide an example of a Moon Talisman for Attracting Clients & Money.

Judging Financial Questions

Renaissance Merchant
The famous English astrologer, William Lilly advises us when answering general financial questions to look to the second house, which signifies wealth and personal possessions, and its ruler, as well as the Part of Fortune and Jupiter, who is the natural significator of wealth. Christian Astrology page 167-8. Lilly advises us to look to see if the ruler of the 1st who represents the querent (person asking the question) or the Moon, who is also the co-significator of the querent or Venus or Jupiter are applying to an aspect of the 2nd ruler or in the 2nd house.
Basically, we would like to see both the 1st and 2nd rulers strong and in some sort of positive contact, be it by aspect, emplacement or through Translation of Light or Collection, for example. If these sort of positive indications are present we can be confident that the querent will have, as Lilly puts it, "a competent estate".
By the placement of the 2nd house ruler and other significators we can often determine the source of wealth and even the timing when the querent will obtain the promised wealth. Conversely, if indications of wealth are not present in the chart, or the querent has signs of poverty, we can often determine the impediments to wealth and the reasons for the querent's poverty.

How to Ask "Will I Be Rich or Poor?"


To ask "Will I be Rich or Poor?" first order on the Payment Page then Contact by phone or e-mail me. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate horary questions. No exceptions! For an e-mail question while I will use the time that I receive and understand the question as a back-up I also need to know:
Wheel of Fortune
  • The exact time (giving local time zone if known) date and location (city, county, nearest town) in which you wrote the question and,
  • A detailed description of the circumstances that lead you to ask the question
  • If you are asking on behalf of someone else I need to know what your relationship is that person, e.g., friend, husband, aunt, etc., finally,
  • I may need to e-mail you for more information.

How Can I Order the Horary Question "Will I Be Rich or Poor?"


For information on ordering a horary reading or getting a horary question answered including payment options and cost please follow the Order Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate horary readings. No exceptions!

What Does A Horary Financial Analysis Consist Of?


As soon as your payment is received I will call you or e-mail you with a determination of your financial question. I can also make this determination for someone who is important to you. In addition, it is often possible to provide timing and other useful subsidiary information.
I will then mail an detailed two to three page written analysis and provide all relevant astrological information, including an astrological chart of your question. Each question receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program.
I am also available for further discussion of your question via e-mail and phone after you receive your written analysis.


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