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Of Rules for Electing matters appertaining to the second House.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Of receiving and borrowing Money.

Containing other Rules concerning borrowing and lending of money

Of buying to profit again by the sale thereof

Of selling to advantage.

Farther concerning Buying and Selling
in the ordinary course of the World

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Of Rules for Electing matters appertaining to the second House


Of receiving and borrowing Money

In things of this Nature, you must be very carefull to fortifie the Lord of the second, the Lord of the sign in which he is, the cusp of the second in your time of borrowing or receiving, and the cusp of the second in your Radix, the Lord of the second, and the Lord also of the house in which he is, if you can; Jupiter also ought to be fortified, for that he is a general significator of wealth, &c.

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Medieval Coin
Let the Moon be also decreasing in light, and in Leo, Scorpio, Sagittary, Aquaries or Pisces; and let Jupiter or Venus behold the ascendent, or the Moon, and if you can both; yet look that the Moon be not impedited of any of the Infortunes, nor Mercury, especially by Conjunction or Square; neither let the Fortunes be cadent; for the Moon by Mars afflicted causeth much sollicitation, pains and labour, also much difficulty in the procuring, and perhaps anger;
If by Saturn, it causeth much protraction and delays, and oftentimes after much pains and travel, causeth the business to come to no good, or strateth the borrowers expectation.
Take this for an approved Rule, that when the Moon is in the first degree of Gemini, Leo, or Sagittary, or they on the cusp of the ascendent, it is not safe either to borrow or lend, for that much inconveniency ill come thereof.
And if you would borrow money privately that it might not be know or divulged, let the Moon (when you borrow it or receive it) be under the Sun beams; and going to Conjunction of the Fortunes when she separate from the Sun, or some other good aspect of the Fortunes no ways impedited; this causeth the business to be kept private and close:
But if the Moon be joyned, or apply by any aspect to Mars when he separates from the Sun his beams, the business will be divulged abroad, and known by many, and those too that you desire should be ignorant thereof; look also that the Moon be free from Via Combusta, or the conjunction of Dragons Head, and Dragons Tail.


Containing other Rules concerning borrowing and lending of money

Medieval Coin
Unless you know the true significators, you can herein do nothing. The Ascendent and its Lord, are the significators of the Borrower or Petitioner: the seventh and his Lord, are significators of the Lender; Mercury and the Moon signifie the Thing to be lent.
When therefore you finde the Lord of the Ascendent and the Lord of the seventh in any good Aspect of each other, or in reception, or the Lord of the seventh in the ascendent, or Mercury, or Mercury joyned to the rd of the Ascendent by body or aspect, or in reception of each other, the business shall be acomplished: But if the Moon be under the Sun beams, the Sun shall signifie the thing demanded instead of the Moon.
And Haly saith, If the Moon be in Via Combusta, or in the ascendent at noon, or in the first degrees of Gemini, Leo, or Sagittary, or if they be in the degree or cusp of the ascendent, it signifieth no good to the Lender; but to the Borrower;
This is Halies opinion; you have but just now heard it is neither good for the Borrower or Lender at such a time; you may follow which you please, and in your curiosity try them both, and follow which you finde most true; a little experience will soon clear the doubt: however it is no ways good to lend any thing in the hour of Saturn.
But if you desire that the received money remain long with you, not desiring any ways to imploy it; let the ascendent at the time of the receit thereof be a fixed sign, and the Lord of the ascendent, the Moon and the Lord of the second in fixed signs, free from misfortune or impediment, as also the angles of your figure.
But if (for some occasions you have) you would speedily disburse, turn, and winde your money which perhaps may be advantagious) let the ascendent be a movable sign, or a common; but a movable in such a case is much better; let also the Lord of the ascendent, the Moon, and the Lord of the second in our Radix, and at the time (if you can) of the receit of the money be a movable sign free from

Begin Page 136


impediment, as also the Angles of your Figures; and remember that in all Elections you fortifie (if possible) your chief significators; as also in your Radix, as well as at the time of the Election.
Furthermore if you desire to keep what you get or receive, that it may be imployed by you to your best advantage, fortifie the ascendent and its Lord at the time of the receit of the money; fortifie also Jupiter, and let not Mars behold the Moon, Ascendent, Part of substance, or part of Fortune, or their houses, or any of their Lords, especially of the Moon or Ascendent; how to take part of substance, or an other part you shall have hereafter, as I have leisure.


Of buying to profit again by the sale thereof

Medieval Coin
Dost not thou know there are many men make a Trade of buying Commodities, and selling them again to their best advantage? yet there are many again confess they have often sold their Wares at disadvantage;
The reason was, they bought them at hap-hazard, without respect to any peculiar or particular time (as our ignorant Physitians prescribe Vomits, Purges and Phlebotomie, at any time, procuring thereby much mischief to their Patients (as I have by several known) so that they had need again (the remedy being or proving (by the ignorance of the prescriber) worse then the disease) to take Physick to expel that Physick they have already taken;
And this sometimes cannot but indanger the Patients life; for that nature being far spent before, must needs by this rash act of the unskilfull Physitian (who is rather (as Galen and Hippocrates say) to be termed a Fool, then to be honoured with that noble term of Physitian) in prescribing their remedies at such improper times that they work contrary effects (as Purges vomet, and Vomets purge) be more weakened and prejudiced; nay and it doth often fallout so, that nature together with the life is wholly extinguished; wherefore anon in its due place more shall be said hereon, and the true & real times for administring of physick be cordially delivered unto you; to the business in hand) wherefore let them observe what followeth.
Medieval Coin
In buying therefore any thing to make advantage or gain of the sail thereof, fortifie the Moon especially, for that she hath most power of any of the Planets in the ordinary course of the life of man; Fortifie also Mercury who hath also much influence in such matters; also the Lord of the second, andr possible) the Lord of the Ascendent: let the Moon also be joyned to Mercury by body or a benevolent aspect, free from impediment, either accidental or essential, as also from the affliction of Mars as much as you can.
But if you cannot fortifie Mercury, fortifie the Moon, the eleventh house and the Lord thereof; but yet let Mercury be free from the body or Aspect of Mars; and if you can by any means, let him be in Conjunction or good aspect of Venus, or the Lord of the eleventh or both.
Now be sure you observe these rules well; for by how much the more you fortifie Mercury (next to the Moon being to be regarded) by so much the more may you be confident and assured of benefit and profit; for Mercury, Moon, the second and the eleventh are chief significators herein, and they still cause gain, if well dignified or disposed; but then be sure they be free from the body or aspect good or bad of Mars.

Begin Page 137



Of selling to advantage

Even thus must you do if you would Elect a time to sell thy commodity at any high rate. Let the Moon be in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo or Pisces, free from misfortune and separating from the Conjunction or aspect of the fortunes and applying to the aspect, not Conjunction, of the infortunes; for this is good for the Seller, but the clean contrary for the Buyer.


Farther concerning Buying and Selling in the ordinary course of the World

Medieval Coin
Thus in the daily and ordinary way of trade must you do, fortifie the Part of Fortune, and place it in one of the houses of Jupiter, and let Jupiter or some other of the fortunes behold it with a good aspect; for this will be advantagious to the Buyer, but not to the Seller; Also if the Moon be in signs of short or oblique ascentions, decreasing in light, it is good for the Buyer.
But if she be in signs of right or long ascentions, increasing in light, number or motion, and joyned with the fortunes, it shall be more advantagious for the Seller and it shall seldom be, but at such a time the Buyer shall lose by the bargain.
But note, that in all this, the Moon and Mercury be free from the body or aspect of Mars, for that he ever hinders buying and selling, and causes discord and wrangling; also see they be free from the presence of the South Node, for he is little worse then it.
Some of the Ancients have delivered these Rules for buying and selling; but others have taught that the Ascendent and its Lord are for the Seller, the seventh and the Lord thereof for the Buyer, and the Moon for the thing to be bought and sold;
Althabarus [from whom I cannot descent herein] saith, that when the Buyer is the first propounder or mover of the business, or doth first speak to the Seller concerning the thing he would buy, the Ascendent and its Lord is for the Seller; the seventh and the Lord thereof for the Buyer: And if the Seller be the first mover of the business to the Buyer, the contrary is to be understood: The mid-heaven and its Lord is to signifie the price of the thing; the fourth and its Lord the thing to be sold; and also the Planet from whom the Moon last separated is given to signifie the Seller; the Planet to whom she next applies, the Buyer; and the Moon the thing to be bought and sold.
Some hold that the Moon in the Ascendent, either in buying or selling is good, yet in a journey is very bad. But note that in selling it will not be amiss for thee to place the Moon in her exaltation or triplicity separated from the Fortunes, and beholding the Infortunes, but not joyned to them by body.


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