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Electional Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
William Ramesey's Introduction to Electional Astrology

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An Introduction to Elections.

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

Use of the Natal Chart
Use of Solar Revolution
Use of Signs
Planets as Natural Signicators
The Part of Fortune
The Dragon's Tail
Ascendant & Angles
Moon Impedited
The Sun in the Ascendant

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Liber III

De Judiciis Astrorum in Electionibus

Or An Introduction to Elections, Fully comprehending the RULES of the Ancients in Electing a time for any manner of Work.

Section One

Comprehending an Introduction to Elections, or necessary Instructions for electing any manner of work, by the secret operations of the Heavens, by the nature of the Signs, Planets, and Aspects of the Moon

We have found most of the Ancients to be very curious in this manner of Judicature, but some more excellent then others; wherefore since the knowledge thereof is not only delectable and rare, but also very usefull and profitable, both for eschewing evil, and choosing the good; as also for that the verity thereof is wonderfull, if the Rules of Art be diligently observed, and with care and discretion practised; as also for that I earnestly desire the Students in this noble Art may daily more and more increase in knowledge (as I have said) I have thought good here to give

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you without either fraud or deceit, the most Judicious and Rational Rules of the Ancients, concerning the electing or choosing a time for any Work incident to the affairs of mankinde, whether particularly appertaining to a mans own particular person, or his estate, friends, or enemies, &c.


Containing some necessary Instructions to the judging of Elections.

In all Authors that ever I yet met with, I finde there can be no time elected (in this our Astrological way of electing) advantagious to anyone whose nativity or time of birth is not exactly known; for according unto it must you frame your election, together with respect to the revolution of the year; and Zahel, Bonatus, Messahalla and Dariot say that in case the nativity of a man cannot be attained, respect must be had to the time of the question; the reason is (as I conceive) for that (if the question be radical) the Querent shall have the same significator or one of the same nature in the question as he hath in his Nativity;
Astronomical Instrument
And this I have ever found true in all that ever I met with that could produce their Nativities; wherefore it is that the Antients conclude (as well indeed they may) that GOD the omnipotent and omiscient Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and all things therein, hath made the earth of the four Elements, but the Heavens being the quintessence of them, he hath made to surround and inclose it, that by the secret working of the Anima Mundi, or soul of the World, which Zahel calleth Rem subtilem, the which (saith he) sciunt sapientes, a subtile or spiritual quality which is known to the wise, which occasioneth such a sympathy as between the Iron and Load-stone, as that all Inferiour things and actions have their dependency and government from the Superiour.
But although this be the Judgement of the Antients who say, Look to the ascendent of the Nativity or Question and make your Election accordingly: Yet I say (as most agreeable to truth and reason) Let the Figure of the Revolution of the years of the world for that year be regarded, and therefore or according thereunto Elect your busines, as being the True Radix, root or ground thereof. But Note that if the ascendent and its Lord be unfortunate in your radix, or the Revolution of the world, there is no Election can be made any wise to advantage the body or the party for whom you would elect an advantagious time; and so consider and understand of any Election whatsoever, viz.
If the chief significator of any businesse be unfortunate in the radix, ther can be no time Elected to prevent the mischief threatned; for whom the Lord hath ordained to destruction or punishment, he causeth one thing or other to be incident unto that party so ordained to punishment, either by inclination or casualty (according to his Divine wil and preordination and the harmonious concordancy of Astrology with Divinity &c.) that it might come to pass; (and so on the contrary for a mans happiness, but this comes to pass through repentance) for I have ever found men in this condition either to go on still in their ways without reproof, or being reproved, will take so small notice thereof, as that they will hardly believe it, or have an inclination to study amendment or prevention of the evil; wherefore these particular things in Elections ought to have their dependency on the generall fates.
But as I have but now said, the figure of the Revolution of the world for that year ought to be regarded and concluded the radix or ground-work of all your Elections; for according to the nature ofth significator therein must your Election be framed, or you shall never be perfect in this Art. Hence it is that often we shall finde some kind of men and occupations thrive and prosper some years more then in others; and again on the contrary, do all what they can, their business still and endeavours go backward; The reason is, their significator is more fortified or debilitated in the Radix;

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and we see that such shall in an Election by Saturn and Mars have a good and prosperous day, and upon the square or opposition of the Moon to Saturn or Mars, although on a mischievous day; because these malevolents were chiefe rulers or significators of the business in hand, things or persons, &c. in the Radix. Consider also the places of any Eclipse or Great conjunction in every year.
Astronomical Instrument
So that when your true significator is known, and his essential and accidental fortitudes and debilities, you cannot erre, the following Rules being diligently and warily observed, there being an harmony and such a concordancy betwixt the Celestial Creatures, and our Terrestrial affairs, according to that excellent saying of Hermes, there is nothing here beneath that is not governed and ruled by what is above.
Know then that in judging of the stars in Elections, special care must be had unto the business in hand; for according unto the nature thereof must your business be ordered, and your time chosen; as for earthy businesses, as planting and sowing and the like, an earthy sign is to be chosen or placed in the ascendent; if appertaining to fire, a fiery sign; if to the water, a watry one, &c.
As for example, if you would elect a time to plant, you must prefer Virgo before any other of the signs, because she is an earthy sign, and such an one too as is participating more of the nature of the fruits of the earth then any other, viz. Taurus or Capricorn; and so understand of any business; be sure you still elect a sign proper for your business, and agreeable to the nature thereof.
And for the speedy dispatch of any business, let a moveable sign be chosen; if for permanency you would elect any time, take a fixed sign; if you be indifferent, or desire your business shall neither be of long or short continuance, prefer a common sign, &c.
But still look to the fundamental grounds of Elections, viz. to fortify your chief significators, and he chiefly the Moon, because she hath a general signification in all things, in journeys, times, places and all businesses whatsoever; also the Sun, he being as it were chief Ruler or King amongst the other Planets; but more particularly the Planet signifying the business in hand:
As if your Election be concerning war or fireworks, you must fortify Mars; if to speak to the King, the Sun; to gain money, Jupiter; if concerning marriage or love-matters, Venus; because these significations these Planets are generally of; the and so understand of any business whatsoever; still have a care to fortify the Planet signifying your business, in general as well as particular, if you can.
In like manner you must choose and fortify the Sign signifying your business in general (for as I have sayd, as is the nature of your business, such must the Sign be you choose and fortify) as if you would goe by water as to Sea, &c. you must fortify a watry Sign, and more especially Cancer, for that she is the house of the Moon; if by land, as a journey, &c an earth Sign, &c. viz. free from misfortune or for affliction of the malevolent aspects of the Infortunes, and place it in the Ascendent of your Election, or the Lord of the Ascendent therein, or the Moon, or both, if possible; and this is necessary in all Elections and the Antients moreover have for men elected a masculine sign, for women a feminine; but this is to needless, &c.
The sign also and house signifying your business in your Radix ought to be regarded and well dignifyed; also fortify the house and sign signifying the business in your Election; as if you would elect a time for profit, you must fortify (in the figure of your Election) the second house in the Radix, its sign and the Lord thereof, as well as the second in your Election, &c. In all Elections, remember to fortify the Ascendent, its Lord and Disposer of him, and the fourth, and the Lord of the fourth and also his Dispositor; for by fortifying the Ascendent, the Lord thereof and his Dispositor, the health and safety of the Parties body electing is promised: by fortifying the fourth, its Lord and his Dispositor, a good and safe conclusion and end of the business.
But note (as aforesayd) that if a malevolent Planet be significator in any thing in the Radix, you must fortify it, and not think the making a fortune: viz. Jupiter or Venus (which are but generally so) significators, will be

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beneficial: for it will often prove contrary : for all men are not ruled by Jupiter and Venus; neither (as I say) are they always fortunes: for accidentally they may be infortunes: and when they are Lords of the eighth, twelfth and sixth, they are occasions of sickness, poverty, imprisonment, mischief and death as effectually as Saturn or Mars;
Astronomical Instrument
For every Planet must doe the office whereunto it is ordained: and so by the same rule may Saturn and Mars be fortunes, and so they are to those they chiefly rule, and to such things as are properly under their dominion either naturally or accidentally; wherefore the true knowledge of your significator (in Elections) of the business intended is of great value, and worthy serious consideration.
Also in electing any work, have especial care to fortifie the Part of Fortune, the Lord thereof and its Dispositor, so that they be either in body or aspect helped by the fortunes, and free from the configurations of the Malevolents. Let not the Lord of your Ascendent by any means be retrograde, for it will occasion tardity and hindrance in any thing, although all the other significators were essentially strong and promising the effecting of the business; it causeth also much trouble and pains in the business, although naturally never so easy to be accomplished.
In the beginning of any work also see that the Dragons Tayl be not with either of the Luminaries when they are in conjunction or opposition, or in the Ascendent, or house signifying the business in hand; but place in those places some fortunate Planet, or in the house of the business in Election, or in the Angles of the Figure at the time of Election. But have a special care in all Elections you put not the Moon in the Ascendent; for she is an enemy thereunto; so also is the Sun; for he therein dissolves and undoes what is accomplished and done.
And let not an Infortune be placed in the Ascendent, nor in any of the Angles, especially if he have dominion in the sixth, eighth or twelfth; also look that in a diurnal Election you have a diurnal sign ascending; in a nocturnal, a nocturnal sign: and if you can, that the Luminaries be in the same signs (I mean of the same nature, especially that of the time.
Avoid Elections at such time as the Moon separates from the Conjunction or Opposition of the Sun, and immediately goes to the configuration of an infortune: for it shews that if the place of the Conjunction or Opposition be unfortunate, the business then began shall come to no good end or conclusion; but if the place of the Conjunction or Opposition be fortunate, it shews that the beginning of the business then in agitation shall be good, but it shall ill succeed in the end.
But if the Moon separate from Conjunction or Opposition, and apply to a fortune, and the place of the Conjunction or Opposition be unfortunate, it signifieth that the beginning of the business shall be bad, and the end thereof good; and when the place of the Conjunction or Opposition is fortunate, and the Moon applieth immediately to a fortune, it denotes that both the beginning and the end of the work then began shall come to good or be fortunate.
And so on the contrary, if she apply to an infortune when the places of the Conjunction or Opposition are unfortunate: when the place of the Conjunction or Opposition, or their Lord or Disposer of them, be in a succedent house, it signifieth that the profit and good to be expected by the business shall be in the end accomplished, though with some trouble and pains; but if they be in a Cadent house, viz. Cadent from the ascendent of the beginning of the thing or business, or from the ascendent of the Election, or Radix, it shall be broken off, and come to naught.
Albumazer a most learned Arabian in this Art, saith, that when the Lord of the Election (which is the Planet signifying your business) is Lord of the sign of the Luminaries ( especially that of the time) in the Revolution of the year of the World, or Lord of the year, or Lord of the Ascendent at the time of the Revolution and be fortunate therein, and also in the Election; it signifyeth and denoteth extraordinary success and fortune in the business then began, and in all the affairs thereof.
When the place of the Conjunction or Opposition, and their Dispositors be will dignified and placed, the business then began or done shall be firm and of continuance and fortunate. Also accomplishment and good success of the business is signified when the Dispositor or Lord of the house of the Conjunction or Opposition before

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the beginning of the work or business, is oriental in the hour of the beginning of the thing, and be in his own house beholding those places with a Sextile or Trine; but if he do not behold the aforesaid places of the Conjunction or Opposition, he profiteth not.
Astronomical Instrument
You may also make your Elections for the beginning of any work from the Lord of the Triplicity of the Moon at the time of the Conjunction or Opposition; for they have power in the beginning of by businesses; for when they are received and fortunate at the time of the beginning of any work, it signifieth good; but that which doth the more confirm it, is, that the ascendent of the Election be a sign in which he or they be well dignified, or have dominion in the revolution of the year, and that the fortunes be in Angles, and chiefly in the ascendent and mid-heaven, also in succedent, and in the place of the thing, or business intended, or in agitation.
In the beginning of any work (also) when the Luminaries behold each other with a good aspect, it signifieth success in any business then began; the business [also know] in hand is foreshewed by the Moon, her being in the day-time under the earth, and in the night above:
And in an Election wherein a speedy dispatch of any business is required, fortifie not the Moon, but put Jupiter or Venus in the ascendent or in the mid heaven; but have regard unto the Moon in things of long continuance, as Marriage, Building and the like; and when she is impedited, put her in an Angle or succedent, but let her then not behold the ascendent nor its Lord, nor the Lord of the house of the thing, or his Dispositor, nor the Planet which hath signification of the thing either generally or particularly; but if you cannot observe exactly all these, look that you observe as many of them as you can.
Some Authors hold it more necessary to fortifie the Lord of the Ascendent then the Moon, others to fortifie the Lord of the house dignifying the business, and others the general significators, &c. For my part, I hold it most necessary to fortifie the significators of the business, the house and also if possible the Moon, rather then the Ascendent or its Lord, except they be proper significators.
When the >Moon is slow in motion, viz. not exceeding 12. degrees in 24. hours she signifieth slowness and tediousness in the business in hand; but if your business require haste, and the Moon apply to an infortune, make your infortune Lord of your Ascendent, and if then he be free from misfortune it will be the better, but if infortunate and afflicted and receive the Moon out of the ascendent it is much better.
But still look that your chief significators be free from misfortune and the Quartile and Opposition of the of malevolents, as also of the Sun, and of combustion, and that they be not under the Sun beams; a Planet is under the Sun beams when he is not fully elongated from the body of the Sun 17. degrees; he is in the combustion when he is within 8 degrees 30.min. of his body, &c. as you have already heard in the 43. chapter of the second Book of this Volumn.
Have regard also unto your ascendent, that there be no infortune therein, & that it be not infortunate in the Revolution of the years of the World for that year, which you have bin taught is the Radix of your Work: have also a special care that you bring not your Radix backward, viz. from the ascendent to the second, but rather forward, viz. to the twelfth: and see that the Lord of your ascendent be not Occidental, especially if the Moon bejoyned with him.
Know also, that the Sun in the ascendent is not good (as hath been said) except he be in Leo or Aries; the Sun in the ascendent with Saturn hindreth the business in Election, and causeth an end with much labour and difficulty: Saturn with the Moon in the ascendent signifieth much sadness, long and tedious diseases, mischief and death, evil from Kings and great men, loss of substance and kindred, friends and companions.
Jupiter with the Sun in the ascendent, signifieth sadness, grief and little good, and change out of one place into another; with the Moon he signifieth many waters, and young children, concubines, marriage and honours.
Mars with the Sun in the ascendent signifieth also much grief and dammage by enemies, small friendship from friends, destruction and sudden death by iron or fire; with the Moon, he denotes power and strength for mischief and deceit.

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Astronomical Instrument
Venus with the Sun in the ascendent signifieth much pain and travel, discords and accusations by; friends and alliance; also the appurtinance of women; with the Moon she denotes health and safety of the body, gain also and profit by women, &c.
Mercury in the Ascendent with the Sun also signifieth grief and sadness; with the Moon he signifieth many imployments and occasions, and that often with friends and alliance.
The Moon in the ascendent with the Sun signifieth destruction, mischief, grief and trouble, instability also, and griefs in the eyes, &c. but the knowledge of these is more for curiosity then practice or use in my opinion.
Also have a care in businesses of continuance, of movable signs; in such as require haste, of fixed; and in such as are indifferent, prefer common signs, as hath been said, still remembring that according to the business in hand and agitation a sign must accordingly ( viz. of its nature) be chosen; and thus much shall suffice for the first chapter being introductory; therefore let us now proceed.


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