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Electional Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Ramesey on the Moon and Signs in Electional Astrology

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Of the signs, and their significations in Elections, and of the hinderances of the Moon...

from William Ramesey's Astrologia Restaurata
(London, 1653).

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The Moon
The Moon Impedited
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Of the signs, and their significations in Elections, and of the hinderances of the Moon, being a farther instruction to the judging of Elections.

Like as I have promised, I shall for the better instruction of the Students herein, be in this Chapter somewhat more large in delivering the significations of the signs, and how they are to be chosen in electing any manner of work.
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Know then, that movable signs, as are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, signifie and denote mutation and alteration of things, and that they shall be of short continuance; wherefore in Planting, Sowing, Grassing, and in buying and selling, they are to be chosen; and if anyone fall sick in these signs, viz. when they are in the ascendent, or bearing rule otherways, the sick party shall either soon die or soon recover; and whoso flieth or taketh a journey at such a time, shall be soon taken or return; and the promise made or any other thing then began, shall soon come to an end, and be speedily performed; news or reports are at this time uncertain, and most commonly false.
Then look that you begin not any work you would have continue at such a time, but in such affairs elect the fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquaries; for in all things these make a continuance and prolong time; wherefore in building it is good to elect these signs, also marriages, or any such thing as you would have continue; if voyages or journies be taken in them, they cannot be good, except there be many testimonies of the Fortunes; and if anyone be at such time taken prisoner, his inlargement shall be protracted; and this I can testifie upon my own knowledge; and who so shall incur the anger and displeasure of anyone, shall never be more in that parties favour.
The common signs such as are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittary, and Pisces, are to be preferred in such businesses as you would have of no long continuance, nor yet soon at an end; for they are neither movable nor fixed, but common between both; wherefore that house founded, or what ever it be that is then began, shall not long continue; wherefore in such it is good to purifie gold and silver, or to put children to School or any other learning, and it advantageth in all such businesses as do admit of a medium or indifferency, &c.

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But to elect any business beforementioned, or any other in the like nature, put the Moon in the ascendent in a convenient sign, viz. both agreeing to your business in nature and continuance, and make her apply to a fortune with reception in a sign also of the same nature if possible; if it be in the day, see that your signs be diurnal or the day-houses of the Planets; and so on the contrary, if it be in the night time; for so much the better will your business succeed.
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To insist longer hereon were but vain, wherefore let us proceed, &c.
In this manner of work, viz. Electing a good and fitting time for the acting or doing of any business you must have a special regard to the Moon, and that she be nowise impedited or afflicted; for as all the ancient Rabies in this Art do testifie, there are ten ways whereby the Moon may be impedited; wherefore since it is a thing so necessary, I shall here plainly insert them.
First then, the Moon may be impedited by being in combustion of the Sun, and even when she is twelve degrees distant from his body, either before or after; or more plainly applying to or separating from him; but you must note she is not so much afflicted when she is separated, as when she is applying.
In the next place the Moon may be impedited when she is in the degree of her fall, viz. in the third degree of Scorpio.
Thirdly, she may and is impedited when she is in Opposition of the Sun,
Fourthly, when joyned with infortunes or in Quartile, or Opposition of them.
Fifthly, the Moon is impedited when she is within twelve degrees of the head or tail of the Dragon, which is the term or place of an Eclipse.
Sixthly, when she is in the latter degrees of a sign wherein there is an infortune.
Seventhly, when she is cadent from angles or in via combusta the burnt way, which is in the last 15.degrees of Libra, and the first 15 degrees of Scorpio; and this is the worst Impedition the Moon can have, especially in Marriages, and in all matters belonging to women, also in selling, buying, and in travelling or going a journey.
Eightly, the Moon is impedited when she is in detriment, viz. in Capricorn or in Quartile, with her own house, or not beholding her house with Sextile or Trine.
Ninethly, when he is slow in motion, viz. when she moves in four and twenty hours less then is her ,mean motion (understand the same in all the Planets) The mean motion of the Moon (according to the most learned in this art) is 13.deg.10.min.36.Sec.
Astronomical Instrument
Tenthly, and lastly, the Moon is impedited when she is void of course, which is when she is in any sign, and beholds not any Planet till she enter another sign, &c.
Let therefore (in all manner of Elections for good) the Moon be strong and well dignified, and in good aspect of the fortunes, and free from the Configurations of the Malevolents, and that she be not in the Ascendent; yet if she be beheld by the Fortunes, and be in the Ascendent, it is good to buy and sell; and make the Moon and the Lord of the Ascendent (in your affairs of electing) behold the Ascendent;
For when a Planet beholds not his own house, it is like a man that is not able to benefit his house nor remove the evil Impending; but when a Planet beholdeth his own house, it is like a man that is strong in his habitation, that is able to protect and defend those that are under his power and tuition, and to repell and keep off those enemies that are without; and note further, that when the Lord of the Ascendent is unfortunate, you must place him so as that he behold the Ascendent with a Trine or Sextile;
And if the Moon be impedited, let her by no means be in an Angle, but place the Fortunes therein, or the Moon, when she is beheld of the Fortunes out of an Angle: Let not Part of Fortune be cadent in the beginning of any work or question from the Aspect of the Moon, or her Conjunction; it mattereth not for the Dispositor of the Part of Fortune, neither mattereth it whether Part of Fortune be cadent from the ascendent; but put the Lord of the ascendent with Part of Fortune, because it is most profitable for gain; but let not the Moon be placed in the second, sixth, eighth or twelfth from Part of Fortune because it causeth ill success.
And in all beginnings of works whatsoever, let the ascendent and the Moon be in signs of right ascensions as are Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittary,

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because it denoteth good success and speedy dispatch in the business; but the signs of oblique ascention, are Capricorn, Aquaries, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini, cause a hindrance therein, and much tediousness; wherefore let not the ascendent or the Moon be in signs of oblique ascentions: And if the Moon be impedited, and your business is in such haste as that you must elect your business at such a time, let not her have any relation to the ascendent either by body or aspect, but let her be cadent from the ascendent, and place a fortune in the ascendent, or in good aspect therewith, and fortifie the cusp of the ascendent, and its Lord and the Lord of the hour .
Thus have you as brief as can be the general way of judging of Elections: let us therefore now descend to particulars; wherefore the Method we shall take or follow herein, shall be to proceed according to the several demands belonging to every house of Heaven, since there is no one thing or business incident in the affairs and life of man but it is signified by one or other of them: wherefore we will begin with the businesses appertaining to the first house; and then in order we shall proceed to the second and third, and so to the rest, &c.


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