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Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. He that travelleth into a country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to school, and not to travel.

Francis Bacon

This election is an example of a start up for a travel agency. It is also an example of the use of using a birth chart or natal astrology to aid in electional astrology which allows us to pick the most auspicious days and times to take action or begin an activity.
The English astrologer William Ramesey empasizes the importance of the natal chart of the elector in an election. Ramesey says, "In all Authors I that ever I yet met with, I finde there can be no time elected (in this our Astrological way of electing) advantageous to any one whose nativity or time of birth is not exactly known..." Astrologia Restaurata (London, 1653) Bk. III, Section One, Chapter 1, page 122. Ramesey qualifies this by noting that traditionally, if the time of birth was not known that an election could be done from a radical horary question.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
While traditional astrologers practicing today agree that the natal chart is important there are two basic approaches to using it.
The first bases itself on the nativity of the elector and focuses on using as many natal factors in the election, fortifying the appropriate houses and planets identified in the natal chart.
The second approach is more focused on obtaining a positive electional chart and scrutinizes the natal chart mainly to avoid using planets or houses afflicted in the natal chart, typically the rulers of the 8th, 12th and 6th, as significators in the election. The background of the traditional astrologer often determines their electional approach.
Those trained in natal astrology favor the first method and those trained in horary the second. Both can yield good results. The key is to choose appropriate factors to emphasize, because the election that is completely favorable in all respects has yet to be found.
I was asked by a client for an election for starting a travel agency. I first took a look at her natal chart, which appears above to the left as "Electional Natal".
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
We note that every planet in the natal chart is weak with the exception of the Sun, which is dignified by sign and triplicity. Interestingly, the Sun is also the ruler of the ninth of long distance travel and in the ninth. This seemed fortuitous for a travel agency so we will base our election on the Sun.
In our electional chart, Leo rises and the Sun is the significator of the elector's business. The Sun is well dignified by sign and in the first house, within 6 degrees of the Ascendant.
The Sun is also the ruler of the second house of money. Finally the Sun is the almuten of the 10th house of reputation and publicity.
The ruler of the 9th of long distance travel is Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, who is exalted in Cancer, albeit in the last degree, and closely conjunct the Ascendant. Jupiter is also the natural significator of prosperity and good fortune. The Moon, important in any election, is in the 9th and applying to a trine of the Sun, with reception by exaltation.
This time, since it is early in the morning, would be a good time to send out a mass e-mail announcing the start of business or even to do a Sun Talisman.


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