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The Second House

from William Lilly's
Christian Astrology
(London, 1647).

Whether the Querent Shall be Rich, or Have a Competent Fortune?

By What Means Attain It?

Why the Querent shall not obtaine Wealth

If the Querent shall obtaine the Substance which he demands, or hath lent, or the Goods he hath pawned.

If one shall aquire that Gaine or Profit, Wages or Stipend of the King or Nobleman, Generall or Common-wealth, Lieutenant-Generall, or any great Person which he Expects.

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Judgments Concerning the second House


Whether the Querent Shall be Rich, or Have a Competent Fortune?
By What Meanes Attaine it? The Time When? Etc. And if it Shall Continue?

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Whoever interrogates, be his Condition what it will be, King, Noble, Priest or Layman, the Ascendant, the Lord thereof and the Moon are his Significators: and if the question be in generall termes, (viz. Whether he shall ever be rich yea or not?) without relation to any particular person from whom he may expect a Fortune, the resolution of it is in this nature:
Consider the Signe ascending on the Cusp of the 2nd House, the Lord thereof, the Planet or Planets therein posited, or aspecting the Lord of that house or Cuspe thereof; the Part Of Fortune, the Signe and place of Heaven where it is placed and how aspected by the Planets, (for Part Of Fortune it selfe emitteth no rayes, or casteth any aspect to any Planet, no more doe the North Node or South Node.
First, if you find the Planets all angular, it's one good Signe of Substance; if they be in succeedant houses, direct and swift in motion, it's a good Signe. If Planets be in good houses, direct, and but moderately

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dignified in essentiall Dignities, it's an hopefull argument of an Estate:
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Those rules are generall:
If the Lord of the Ascendant, or the Moon, and the Lord of the 2nd house, viz. of Substance, be corporally joyned together, or if they, viz. Lord of the Ascendant and Moon, have friendly aspects to the Lord of the 2nd, or if Jupiter and Venus cast their Trine or Sextile, or be in Conjunction with Part Of Fortune, or if the Lord of the 2nd be in the Ascendant, or the Moon, or Lord of the Ascendant in the 2nd,
Or if any Planet transfer the light and vertue of the Lord of the 2nd to the Lord of the Ascendant, or if benevolent Planets cast their Sextile or Trine to the Cuspe of the Ascendant or Part Of Fortune, or any fixed Starre of the nature of Jupiter and Venus, doe ascend with the Cuspe of the 2nd or Part Of Fortune be in Conjunction with or neer to such a fixed Starre; or if Jupiter who is naturall Significator of substance,
Or Venus who is naturally a fortune or North Node be in the 2nd, and no infortune cast his aspect unto them, or if you finde all planets direct and swift in motion (viz.) if their daily motion be more then what is assigned for their meane or middle motion, which you may perceive by page
The Querent shall not feare poverty, for he will be competently rich or have a sufficient fortune to subsist on, and this his estate shall be greater or lesser according to the Major testimonies, which you are carefully to examine of those Significators which doe naturally resolve the question; and here in this demand you must remember to take notice of the quality of the person inquiring or demanding the question, for (Quoad capax) it shall happen to any Interrogant.

By What Means Attain It?

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When you have sufficiently examined your Figure, and perceived that the Querent shall have a substance or will come to have riches, it will be demanded, how? by whom, or what meanes it may be obtained?
Herein you must observe, that if the Lord of the 2nd House be in the 2nd, the querent shall obtain an Estate by his owne labour and proper industry; if the Lord of the 2nd be placed in the Ascendant, he shall unexpectedly come to a Fortune or without

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much labour attaine it. If that the Lord of the 2nd or the Moon do promise substance by any aspect they have to each other, you must consider from what House the aspect is, or what House the Moon is Lady of, or if neither of these promise substance; see to the Part Of Fortune, what house it is in, and what House of Heaven the Dispositor is Lord of.
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If the planet assisting or promising encrease of Fortune be Lord of the Ascendant, the Querent himself will by his owne diligence advance his owne Fortune; if he be a meane man or Mechanicall that interrogates, then by the sweat and labour of his owne hands, his owne Invention, Care and Pains, no King shall put him into a fortune:
But if the Adjuvant Planet be Lord of the 2nd, he will augment his Estate by advance of his owne Stock, and well managing his private Fortune, and adventuring to Buy and Sell in such things as naturally he is addicted unto, or fals in his way in the course of his life, or are of the nature of that Planet (the Signe he is in considered.)
If the Lord of the 3rd fortunate the Lord of the 2nd, or the Cuspe of the House, or Part Of Fortune, he will be assisted in procuring an Estate by some honest Neighbour, or some one of his Kindred, Brethern or Sisters, if he have any, or by some Journey he shall undertake, or removing to that quarter of Heaven from whence the Lord of the 3rd calls his good aspect, or is corporally joined with the Significator of Substance.
If the fortunate Planet or significator be Lord of the 4th or placed in the 4th, the Querent will attaine Wealth by means of his Fathers assistance, (if he be living) or by some aged person, as Grandfather, etc. or by taking some Farme or Grounds, or purchase of Tenements, Lands or Hereditaments, or well managing the Stock his Ancestors have or shall leave him, or some Stock of Money his Kindred may lend him.
If the Lord of the 5th doe promise Wealth, then he obtaines meanes: if a Gentleman (by Play, Cards, Dice, Sports, Pastimes} if of Capacity, and a Courtier, by some Embassage, Message, etc. If an ordinary man propounds the question, by keeping a Victualling-house, as Ale-house, Inne, Taverne, Bowling alley, or being. a Door-keeper, Porter to some Gentleman; or be he who

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will that enquires, if the Lord of the 5th House be strong, he promises somewhat out of the Estate of the Father, or by making Matches, etc.
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If the Lord of the 6th, or Significator, or assistant Planet be in the 6th, and the Signe of the 6th be humane, the Querent may expect good Servants, and profit by their labours: If a King or Prince propounds the Question (as sometimes they doe) you may judge, his Subjects will assist him with many tumbling Subsidies, Privy-Seales, Loans of Money, etc.
If a Nobleman or Gentleman enquire, he shall augment his Estate by Letting Leases, and the discreet managing of his Estate by his Stewards, Bailiffs, and such as undertake for him.
If the question come from a Country-man, as a Farmer or Husband- man, tell him he may thrive by dealing in little Cattle, as Sheep, Goats, Hogs, Conies, etc.
If a Scholler propound the Question upon the like occasion, advise him to turne Physician, for he shall thrive by his Salary obtained from people infirme and diseased.
If the Lord of the 7th House fortunate the Lord of the 2nd House, or the Cuspe of the House, or the Part Of Fortune, or that Planet which is posited in the 2nd, let the Querent expect God's Blessing, by meanes of a rich and good Wife, or the assistance of some loving Woman:
As also, if a Gentleman propounds the Question, then by the Sword, or the Wars, or by Law recovering somewhat detained from him, by contracting of Bargains, by the common aquaintance he hath in his way of Trade or Commerce, if he be a Merchant.
If the Lord of the 8th be that Planet who fortunates the Significators above named; the Querent shall either have some Legacy bequeathed him by Testament of deceased party, or a further increase of his Wife's Portion, little by him expected at time of his Question, or shall goe uncompelled, and reside in some Country, where increase of substance shall happen unto him,viz. he shall unexpectedly settle himselfe where formerly he had rio intention, and there shall thrive and grow rich.
If the Lord of the 9th gives vertue or fortunate the Part Of Fortune or Lord of the 2nd, or Cuspe of the House, the Querent

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may thrive by some Voyage to Sea, if Cancer or Pisces descend on the Cuspe of the 9th, and the Lord of the same Signe be therein, or one of his Wife's Brothers, or some allied unto her, or neer Neighbour, or the place where she did live when he first married her, of some religious man or Minister shall befriend him in the way of his Vocation or Calling, for the increase of his Fortune.
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If an Earth Signe be on the Cuspe of the 9th, and the Lord of that House be therein posited, he may thrive by removing to that part of Heaven, or that Coast of the Kingdom or Country signified by the Signe and quarter of Heaven, and by dealing in the native Commodities of that County, City or Country to which the Heavens direct him.
If the Lord of the 2nd be fortunate in the lOth House, or the Lord of the lOth and 2nd be in reception, or the Lord of the lOth doe behold the Lord of the 2nd or Cuspe of the 2nd House, or a Planet therein, or the Part Of Fortune, with any benevolent configuration; let the Querent try the service or employment of some King, Prince, Nobleman, Gentleman, Master, or the like, and thereby he shall augment his estate or get a subsistence:
If one inquires that is young and of small fortune, let him learne a Mechanicall trade, according to the nature of the Signe of the lOth and Planet who is Lord therof; for the Heavens intimate he shall doe well in his Magistery or Trade, if he be capable and fit for it; or if he be a man of any education and desirous of preferment, let him expect an Office or Publique imployment in the Common-wealth, in one kinde or other.
If the Lord of the llth be that benevolent Planet who is Significator in the premises, viz. the Planet fortunating, then some friend shall commend the party inquiring to accept of some imployment very advantagious, or some Merchant, Courtier, or servant of a Nobleman, King, or great person shall be the meanes of raising the Querent to a Fortune, and then, shall unexpectedly happen unto the Querent which he never thought of: and this for good.
If the Fortunate Planet, who casts his Aspect as aforesaid, be in the l2th, the Querent shall advance his Fortune by great Cattle, Horse-races, by imprisonments, or men imprisoned, if the Signe of

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the 12th be humain; if the Signe be Taurus or Capricorn or Aries by Cattle; if Virgo by Corn. And herein mix your judgment with reason.
The most assured testimony in Astrology, and upon a Question onely propounded, that the Querent shall be rich and continue so, is this, if the Lord of the lst and 2nd and Jupiter be joyned together in the 2nd House, lst, lOth, 7th, 4th or 11th; but if they be not in Conjunction, then that they apply by Sextile or Trine with Mutual Reception: nay, although they apply by Square or Opposition, yet if it be with reception, the party will thrive or have an estate, though with much labour, and many intervening difficulties, yet will he ever more abound then want.

Of the Reason, or from whence it proceeds,
or what is the Cause, why the Querent shall not obtaine Wealth.

Renaissance Coin
When in any question you find your Figure signifies the Querent shall come to an estate, the resolution following is needlesse; but if you find that he shall not obtaine any great fortune, and the Interrogant would know the cause why, or thing impediting, that so he may the better direct his affaires, and be more wary in the course of his life, for better prevention of such difficulties:
In this Judgment carefully observe the Planet obstructing, or who doth most afflict the Lord of the 2nd, or Part Of Fortune, or the Cuspe of the 2nd, the Moon, or Lord of Dispositor of the Part Of Fortune; if the Lord of the lst be that Planet, then the Querent himselfe is the cause;
If the Lord of the 2nd doe with Square or Opposition behold the Part Of Fortune, or the Cuspe of the 2nd, then want of money or a sufficient Stock to set himselfe in imployment is the cause:
If Lord of the 3rd, his own Kindred will doe nothing for him, or will prove burdensome, or malicious Neighbours will get all the Trade from him, or so under-sell him, that he will be much kept under thereby: and so run through the 12 Houses, as in the Chapter mentioned before.
I thought good here to give this generall caution, that if the Lord of the 2nd House, or Dispositor of the Part Of Fortune be infortunes, yet if they have Essentiall Dignities where they are, or aspects to good Planets, or be placed in such benelovent Houses as I formerly mentioned,

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they may be Significators of position of Substance; and in like nature both Jupiter and Venus being afflicted or impedited, or Significators, as aforesaid, may be the Planets obstructing as well as any other, for every Planet must do the work for which he is by divine Providence assigned unto:
Doe you also ever remember that in what House you can find Cauda Draconis, it prenotes detriment and impediment in such things as are signified by that House, as if he be in the 2nd, he denotes consumption of Estate by the Querent's own folly or not thriving, by his owne proper neglect: in the 3rd, hinderance by evill, beggarly or peevish Kindred, etc., and so judge in all the rest of the 12 Houses.

If the Querent shall obtaine the Substance which he demands,
or hath lent, or the Goods he hath pawned.

Renaissance Coin
If the demand of the Querent be, Whether or no he shall procure the money or substance from him of whom he intends to demand it? The Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon are his Significators, the Lord of the 2nd House of his substance. The 7th House, and the Lord thereof signify him or her of whom he intends to demand or borrow Money: In proceeding to Judgment,
See if the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon be joyned to the Lord of the 8th, who is Lord of the Substance of the party quesited after, or see if either of them joyned, or in aspect to a Planet posited in the 8th; if the Planet in the 8th be a fortunate, or the aspect itself fortunate, he shall obtaine the money desired; or if he would borrow the money required will be lent him:
If he have deposited any Pledge, it will be restored, whether the fortunate Planet in the 8th be received or not; yea, if an infortunate Planet in the 8th, or Lord of the 8th, and receive either the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon, the Querent shall obtaine his desire; but if no reception be, he will hardly or ever procure his demands, and if ever, with so much difficulty and labour, as he would rather wish the thing had been undone.
Inlike manner, if the Lord of the 8th be in the 1st, or in the

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2nd, and the Lord of the 2nd receive him, it's probable the businesse will be effected; but is the Lord of the 7th, or of the 8th be in the lst or 2nd, and neither have reception of the Lord of the lst or 2nd House, or of the Moon, it's an argument he shall not have his desire accomplished, but shall receive a deniall or more prejudice in the thing demanded.
If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon be joined to a Fortune that has Dignity in the Signe ascending, or Signe intercepted in the Ascendant, the matter will be effected; or if any of them be joyned to an Infortune who hath dignity in the Ascendant, and that Infortune receive the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon, the business will be dispatched:
Or if the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon be joyned to a fortunate Planet, and he well placed either in the lOth or llth, the matter shall be perfected, though there be no reception:
The Judgments of this Chapter shall have place and prove true, when as the matter in question is amongst ordinary persons, or with such people as with whom there is a community, as Citizens with Citizens, Countrymen with Countrymen, one Tradesman with another; from this Judgment we exempt Kings, Princes, Noblemen and such, who pay Debts slowly, and on whom the Law takes little notice.

If one shall aquire that Gaine or Profit, Wages or Stipend of the King or Nobleman, Generall or Common-wealth, Lieutenant-Generall, or any great Person which he Expects.

The resolution hereof will serve for any question of the like nature, where the Querent is much inferior to the Quesited, or the party or parties from whom he expects the accomplishment of his desires. The Ascendant, Lord thereof and the Moon signifie him that askes the Question; the lOth House and Lord thereof, signifie the Quisited, or person sought after, or from whom the matter is to be required; the 2nd House and the Lord thereof are to be considered for the Querent, the llth House and Lord thereof shall

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signifie the Estate, Money or Substance of the King, Nobleman, Generall etc., or Party enquired after:
Renaissance Coin
If in the Question you doe find the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon joyned to the Lord of the llth House, or if any of them be joyned to any Planet in the llth House, and that Planet be a Fortune, not in any measure impedited, or ill disposed, then you may affirme that the Querent shall obtaine what Salary, wages, debt or money the great person of what quality soever owes unto him;
Or if it happen that the Moon and the Lord of the Ascendant be joyned to an unfortunate Planet, and he receive them into some of his essentiall dignities, the Querent shall obtaine his Money, Wages, etc., but not without much solicitation, many weary addresses, feares and distrusts; if it happen any Aspect be betwixt the Significators, the one being an infortune and without reception, the Querent will never obtaine what he desires. In this manner of Judgment be very careful to observe the Planets true essentiall dignities, and their mutual receptions, and by which of their mutuall dignities they receive each other.


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