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Example Of Marriage Election

Time of Election: Monday, January 8, 2001 at 12:05 pm EST.

Place of Election: Washington, D.C., 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

On this date and time the sign Aries is rising. In traditional astrology we rely on what are called houses, which divide the horoscope into twelve divisions. Each house relates to a different area of life and we look to the ruler of each house, one of the seven traditional planets, for information about that area of life. Since Aries rises and Mars rules Aries, we look to Mars to represent the elector, that is the person asking for astrological help. Mars is very strong in this chart as it is in Scorpio, which it traditionally rules, unlike modern astrology Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.

The seventh house represents the elector's significant other, that is wife or husband to be, girl/boyfriend or date. In this case Libra is on the cusp of the seventh house and thus this person is represented by Venus. Venus is also strong, being in her exaltation in Pisces.

Finally, we always look to the Moon, as the fastest planet, to indicate action. The Moon is in Cancer, which she rules, making her strong as well. These are all good indications for success as the planets representing the elector, the significant other and action are all strong.

We now look to see how these planets will interact, which is shown by their aspect. Venus is moving towards a trine to Mars, and the Moon is moving towards a trine first of Venus, then Mars. This is very positive as the trine is the best aspect and not only are the planets signifying the elector and the significant other moving together, but the Moon is moving towards both planets.

Finally, we can look at the houses where the planets are to give us more information. As we said the seventh house is the house of the significant other. Mars is in this house further connecting the elector with the significant other and indicating marriage or a relationship. Venus, representing the significant other is in the eleventh house, which is the house of hopes, dreams and friendship, also very positive.

What a beautiful chart!



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