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Introduction to Love Talismans
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Introduction to Love Talismans & Amulets


In the Neoplatonic/Hermetic worldview the heavenly bodies were the essential link between the World of the Divine Ideas and the Material World. Yet Moon Seal Renaissance philosophers usually did not insist that everything was determined by Fate through the mechanism of the Zodiacal powers. Instead they taught that "Astra inclinant non necessistant " the stars incline but do not compel, and "Sapiens dominatur astris" the wise man rules the stars. The physical body and the passions were under the sway of the stars, but the divine spirit in man, was free and could, with difficulty, resists the demands of the body and the rule of the passions and exercise free will.
This means that astrology is of great utility when we turn to matters of love, romance and marriage, for here reason must give way to passion. Understanding the signification of the changing celestial figures gives us great insight into the changing moods of love and desire. Talismans, created of materials carefully chosen for their astrological suitability and constructed at auspicious times, can attract and strengthen love and passion. Venus is the most common planet used for love and the Venus love talisman is the most popular.

Venus Talismans


Venus and Cupid
Our first tool is an understanding of the various techniques of traditional astrology that relate to questions of love. Certainly among the planets we would wish to consider Venus. One of the most popular (but not the only) talismans for love is the Venus talisman. Venus is, par excellence, the planet of love, and her signification in matters of the heart cannot be slighted. In choosing (in traditional terminology, electing) a time to begin a romance or to marry, we would wish to see Venus in her signs of Taurus or Libra or her exaltation, Pisces.
For a Venus talisman we would like to elect a time when she was rising (conjunct the Ascendant) or culminating (conjunct the Midheaven) and not afflicted by the adverse aspects of the malefics, Saturn & Mars. Though cold & dry Saturn afflicts her more seriously than her lover Mars. In general, we would wish Venus, as the natural significator of love, to be strong and unafflicted.
Choosing an auspicious time for love or marriage aligns our actions with the cycles of the heavens and increases our chances for success. In constructing a love talisman, we take this process one step further, moving from passive acceptance of the actions of the stars to active manipulation of the Zodiacal powers. The Great Chain of Being connects the the stars to things in the material world. The mage uses these connections to work his astrological magic.
If we wish to evoke love, ruled by Venus, we gather as many things as possible that are ruled by Venus, at a time when she is strong and create a Venus Talisman. Simultaneously with the making of the talisman and at the time of first wearing the user should do additional ritual work, which can include meditation, visualization or other magic rituals, in order to bind the influences of the talisman to their personal energy.
You can follow this link to see if I have a Venus talisman available or simply Contact me.

Venus Talisman Examples


Here are some further examples of Venus talismans with astrological charts and further information. Here are examples of Venus in Taurus and Venus in Libra talismans. This is a interesting example of a Venus talisman from the encyclopedic work of Arabic astrological magic, the Picatrix with a very odd bird-headed Venus talisman image.
Here are more Venus talisman example charts:
Agrippa Venus talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus triplicity talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus & Spica talisman
Venus Picatrix love talisman
Venus in Taurus talisman
Venus love talisman
Venus talisman

Other Types of Love Talismans


A Venus talisman is an excellent way to attract the energy of love and passion into your life, but not the only type of love talisman set forth in our traditional sources. The Picatrix, an encyclopedic work of Arabic astral magic, provides a number of examples of double love talismans that are based on the birth charts of the parties involved. This provides a very specific focus on a particular person instead of the general energy of love and passion attracted by the Venus talisman.
To make the Picatrix double love talismans the first talisman is typically constructed under the Ascendant of the talisman user. The second talisman is made under the sign on the cusp of the appropriate house in the first talisman. The talismans are then tied together and buried near the location of the person whose love is desired. As in any astrological talisman, additional ritual work should also be undertaken by the user.
You can see a detailed example of the construction of the Picatrix double love talismans here.
The Picatrix double love talismans are intended to attract a particular person and are more powerful for that purpose than the Venus talisman. However, clients should be aware that the Picatrix double love talismans have the potential to cause their user to become obsessed with the person who is the object of the magic.
Another type of the love talisman is the 26th Mansion of the Moon talisman. The Mansions of the Moon are a 28 fold cycle of the Moon relative to the fixed stars. They are different from the Moon's phases and were renowned for astrological magic. The 26th Mansion of the Moon, according to the listing in Picatrix is, "...for the creation of love." Here is an example of a chart and further information for the 26th Mansion love talisman.
We have a further example of the love talisman from Picatrix this time relying on not on a planet or other astrological factor, but on house placement. This talisman uses the rulers of the 1st and 7th, just like we would electional astrology in choosing a time for marriage. You can see the chart and further information on this talisman here.

Do Talismans Really Work?


My suggestion is take a look at the results. Here are four talismans I created myself with their electional charts, an explanation of how I made the talisman and the results: Venus Talisman, Agrippa "Rats Begone!" Talisman, Agrippa Dream Talisman and the Moon Talisman for Attracting Clients & Money.
Take a look at these examples and you can judge for yourself.


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