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The Pious Dream is the Forty-Sixth Part of Prophecy

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The Book of Vision Bk. 29


The Dream of Joseph
From Joseph and Pharoah in Genesis 41, and Artemidorus and his second century Interpretation of Dreams to Freud, the importance and significance of dreams has remained constant, though their meaning and the method of interpretation has changed.
According to the Italian astrologer, Guido Bonatti, the ninth house is the house of faith, religion, vision, foreknowledge of things and dreams. Liber Astronomiae Bk. I, Chapter 54 (Spica ed.) page 73. William Lilly in his magnum opus Christian Astrology under the affairs of the ninth house provides rules, "On Dreames, whether they signifie any thing or not." Christian Astrology page 434-5, with an example at page 436, entitled, "Terrible Dreams".
One interesting method is to actively seek dreams when one is in need of guidance. In his Three Books of Occult Philosophy Cornelius Agrippa says,
And let there be made an image of dreams which being put under the head of him that sleeps, makes him dream true dreams concerning anything that he hath formerly deliberated of; and let the figure of that be the figure of a man sleeping in the bosom of an angel...Let also the same be made in Libra ascending, Venus being received from Mercury in Gemini in the ninth house, by writing on it the angel of Venus.
Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 50 (Tyson ed.) page 403.

Inspired by this I decided to make a talisman for spiritual guidance through dreams.

Electional Chart for Dream Talisman


Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

In the electional chart for the time of the making of the dream talisman we have followed the instructions set forth by Agrippa. Libra is ascending. Venus, the ruler of the ascendant, and thus significator of the elector (person using the election) is in the ninth house of dreams. Venus is also the ruler of the ninth house. Venus is in Gemini which Mercury rules and thus is received by Mercury. Finally, Mercury is also in the ninth house.
While Lilly notes that the presence of Saturn in the ninth produces dreams, "...of some things that frightened and terrified him &, it was some inordinate matter, not really naturall..." he also notes that, "A good Planet in the ninth, no ill shall happen by the dream." Christian Astrology page 434-5. Even with Saturn, the presence of Venus and Jupiter, the Greater and Lesser Fortunes, protects the dreamer.
The English astrologer John Gadbury gives further indications regarding dreams and the ninth house in his Doctrine of Nativities [1658]. Gadbury says that Saturn in the 9th, if well dignified, and here Saturn is at least dignified by triplicity, "...he may prove an admirable Diviner or Interpreter of Dreams." Doctrine of Nativities page 58. Jupiter in the ninth his dreams generally prove true, though Venus in the ninth his dreams will be filthy and polluted. Doctrine of Nativities page 58. Well, let's hope not!

Dream Talisman Image & Ritual


Image Copyright 2001 Kathleen Sutherland

To the right is the image drawn by my wife according to the instructions set forth in Three Books of Occult Philosophy. This image was made beforehand with the final preparations made at the elected date and time.
Agrippa says when making the image to write on the breast of the man the name of the affect desired, in this case, spiritual guidance through dreams. In the hand of the angel I wrote the name of the angel of Venus, which, according to Agrippa, is Haniel. Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 50, (Tyson ed.) page 403 & Bk. III, Chapter 24, page 532.
When I made this talisman, I followed Agrippa's instructions and in addition I used hoodoo, the folk magic of the American South. I burned three white candles, dressed with King Solomon wisdom Oil, available from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company.
I also made up a mojo hand containing flax seeds, celery seeds and star anise, all noted for increasing psychic ability. I also added a John-the-Conqueror Root. I burned the candles for seven days, burning King Solomon Wisdom incense and saying the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is my Shepherd...) After seven days I put the image under the mattress under my head and the mojo hand under the bed.



Nine days (nine is a very significant number in hoodoo) after finishing the dream talisman ritual I had a dream in which the theme of spiritual guidance figured prominently.
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