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Sun from Padshahnamah




the Sun



The current charts are talismans of the Sun in Aries, his exaltation. The exaltation is considered to be second in strength after dignity by sign, thought the medieval Arabic astrologer Masha'allah says that, "...exaltations are of greater authority in matters of [kingship]; to wit, if something is done by a king, the lord of the exaltation is stronger in signification than the [sign] ruler." Masha'allah, On Reception (Arhat, 1998) at 3.
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The medieval Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti says that a planet in his sign is like, "a man who is in his own home". A planet in its exaltation is, " a man who is in his own kingdom, and in his own glory like a kingdom, dukedom or podesta and are as other lay dignities which can be lost to him sooner than that which is properly his own. " Liber Astronomiae, Tr II, ch. 40. This fits with the standard traditional view of exaltation as powerful, but giving spectacular and short term results. Exaltation can also show pride and arrogance, in my experience.
The origin of the exaltations are somewhat mysterious. Some traditional sources claim that the exaltations show the position of the planets at the origin of the world. William Ramesey in Astrologia Restaurata available in the Renaissance Astrology CD Library explains the exaltation of the Sun as follows:

Enter we shall here (as in the preceding Chapter) with the Luminaries, and first with the Sun, as being the chief light, and Fons vita, the Fountain of life; the Sun then is said to be in the point of his Exaltation when he is in the 19. degree of Aries, he being then in the highest Northern point of the Ecliptick, by which all things are made to spring and flourish, the heat of weather and the length of days being increased; therefore for the same reason contrary is he said to be in his Fall in Libra, it being the opposite sign in the heavens to Aries, in the which he declineth Southward, by the which the shortness of the days and cold is increased, to the hinderance of the fertility of the earth.

William Ramesey, Astrologia Restaurata at 69.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The chart above shows an election at 6:29 am EDT, April, 2007 in Boulder, Colorada. The Sun is dignified by exaltation and triplicity. He is rising. It is the planetary day and planetary hour of the Sun. The Moon is waxing an unafflicted. Sun talismans will be cast on this date. They sell out fast but you can see the available Sun talismans here. Here are all currently available talismans.
Many of our traditional sources not only list the signs in which the planets are exalted, but also indicate that they are exalted in particular degrees of the sign. Here is the traditional list of exaltation degrees:

The Sun 19 degrees Aries
The Moon 3 degrees Taurus
Mercury 15 degrees Virgo
Venus 27 degrees Pisces
Mars 28 degrees Capricorn
Jupiter 15 degrees Cancer
Saturn 21 degrees Libra
We can see an interesting use of the degrees of exaltation in Planetary Rings from the Treasure of Alexander. This talismans focus almost entirely on the exaltation degree rather than considering factors like accidental dignity and planetary hour. For example, the Ring of the Sun states,

"Take two ounces of pure gold and when the Sun is in the 19th degree of Aries, which is the degree of his exaltation, irregardless of whether [the Sun] is in the Ascendant, and mold a ring with signet of one ounce. Inscribe on the signet the image of a seated and crowned man with a long spear in his hand.

Do not begin your work until the Sun enters [the appropriate] degree and ensure that the work is completed while the Sun is in this degree. If the ring is not completed then wait until the Sun enters this degree again. Once the ring is finished retain it until the Moon conjoins the Sun in Leo. Whoever carries this ring will be exalted and honored by kings and all who behold him will be in awe and no one will [wish] to harm him."

The Treasure of Alexander

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The chart above shows an election for the Sun in his exaltation degree of 19 Aries for 6:44 am EDT, April 9, 2007 for Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. This election has the added advantage of the Sun rising in Sun day.
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