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Saturn Conquered





Long Life & Wisdom

The current chart is a talisman of Saturn This talisman is for long life, deep wisdom and esoteric knowledge.
The ancient astrological magic grimoire, the Picatrix gives a variety of images for Saturn,

These are the figures of the planets as we have found them translated in the Lapidary of Hermes and in the book of Beylus and in the Book of Spirits and Images which was translated by the wise Picatrix.

Copyright 2008 Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson
Saturn Talisman Image
The image of Saturn according to the opinion of the sage Picatrix is the form of a man with the face of a stag [alternatively crow] and the feet of a camel, sitting on a throne. In his right hand he has a spear and in his left hand a lance or dart. This is its form.

The image of Saturn according to the opinion of the sage Beylus is the image of an old man sitting erect on a throne. This is its form.

The image of Saturn according to the opinion of Hermes is the image of a man standing with his hands raised above his head holding a fish and under his feet a lagarii (that is, a lizard). This is its form.

The image of Saturn according to the opinion of other wise men is the form of a man standing on a dragon. In his right hand he has a scythe and in his left hand he has a spear, and he is wearing black garments. This is its form.

Picatrix, Bk II, ch. 10 Greer & Warnock trans. at 105.
The Picatrix gives some specific talismanic instructions for Saturn

"An image of Saturn for much drinking. If under the influence of Saturn, you engrave in the stone feyrizech the form of a man elevated in a high throne, on his head a yellow linen cloth, having in his hand a sickle, in the hour of Saturn, when he is on the Ascendant, the virtue of this image is that whoever carries it on his person will be able to drink heavily and die only of old age."

Picatrix, Bk II, ch. 10 Greer & Warnock trans. at 107.
The image from the Ouroboros translation of Picatrix does not mention drinking. In discussing the images of Saturn it says,

"Also, if you carve the picture of a standing man in a chair that looks like a mimbar [or minbar, the pulpit in a mosque] with a semi-twisted turban on his head and sickle in his hand and if you carve this stone of turquoise in its hour and ascendant the holder of the stone will live long and have a healthy life, Allah willing.

Book II, Ch. 10, page 138.
The Renaissance mage, Cornelius Agrippa says,

Saturn Table
Saturn Table
"...from the operations of Saturn, Saturn ascending in a stone, which is called the Loadstone, the Image of a man, having the countenance of an Hart, and Camels seet and sitting upon a Chayr or Dragon, holding in his right hand, a sithe [scythe], in his left hand a dart; which image they did hope would be profitable for prolongation of life...They made also an other Image of Saturn for length of dayes, in a saphire, at the hour of Saturn, Saturn ascending or fortunately constituted, whose figure was an old man setting upon an high chayre, having his hands lifted up above his head, and in them holding a fish or Sickle, and under his feet a bunch of Grapes, his head covered with a black or dusky coloured cloth, and all his garments black or dark coloured"

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch 38.
Since Picatrix was Agrippa's source we can see how he mixes and matches the images of Saturn. Agrippa also discusses the planetary table of Saturn and says,

"They say that this table being with a fortunate Saturn engraved on a plate of lead, doth help to bring forth, or birth, and to make a man safe, and powerfull, and to cause success of petitions with princes, and powers:

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch 22.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The election is for 12:57 am MST, November 24, 2008 for Boulder, Colorado. Saturn is dignified by term and rising in the planetary hour of Saturn. The Moon is conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica.
Blue Sapphire
An interesting question arises as to the proper translation of Feyzerich. In Marsilio Ficino's Three Books on Life translated by Kaske and Clarke, they translate lapide feyzerich as sapphire. Three Books on Life, page 499. Similarly, as we can see above, Agrippa gives the stone for this talisman as the sapphire. The Ouroboros Picatrix, on the other hand, gives the stone for this talisman as the turquoise. A Google search reveals that feerozah and feeroozah are Arabic given names meaning generally a precious stone and in particular a turquoise. Finally we note that in Vedic astrology, the blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn.
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