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For September 2007

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Cornelius Agrippa

The current chart is a talisman of Jupiter in his sign Sagittarius. It is very nice to be able to once again find an election for Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, when he is so well dignified in his sign Sagittarius, having spent an extended time retrograde.
Neither Picatrix, the encyclopedic source for so much Renaissance astrological magic or its distinguished Renaissance successor, Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Cornelius Agrippa contain a specific talisman for Jupiter in Sagittarius.
However Agrippa says,

They made also another Image of Jupiter for a religious and glorious life, and advancement of fortune; whose figure was a man having the head of a Lyon or a Ram, and Eagles feet, cloathed in Saffron coloured cloathes, and he was called the son of Jupiter.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch. 39
This rather odd, but strangely compelling image has been our guide to the enduring mysteries of Jupiter in Sagittarius, taking us far beyond the usual stereotypical Jovial, fat partygoer, to a deeper and more unsettling look at the nature of Jupiter. I am pleased to be able to present another excellent election for Jupiter in Sagittarius.
The chart below shows an election at 2:04 pm MDT, September 6, 2007 in Boulder, Colorada. Jupiter is dignified by sign. He is rising. It is the planetary day and the planetary hour of Jupiter. The Moon is unafflicted.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

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