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For July 2007

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June 2007: Picatrix Mirror
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The current chart is a talisman of Mercury from the premier grimoire of medieval and Renaissance astrological magic, the Picatrix.
Picatrix says,

Si ex operibus Mercurii figuram unius rane feceris in hora Mercurii, et ipso in ascendente, et hoc in lapide smaragdi, hunc lapidem deferens a nemine offendentur; imo quilibet de eo bonum loqueter et de omnibus eius operibus bonum dicet.

From the operations of Mercury make the figure of a single frog on the hour of Mercury, with Mercury rising, in an emerald stone, and who ever carries it will offend no one, to the contrary, everyone you meet will speak well of you and say good things about your works.

Picatrix, Bk II, ch. 10 (translation by Christopher Warnock, Esq.)
The chart below shows an election at 4:30 am EDT, July 26, 2007 in Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, DC. Mercury is dignified by term (+2) and face (+1). He is rising. It is the planetary day and the planetary hour of Mercury. The Moon is waxing and unafflicted. While we will not be casting Mercury talismans on this date you can see the available Mercury talismans here. Here are all currently available talismans.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

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