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The current charts are for the creation of a magic mirror from the premier grimoire of medieval and Renaissance astrological magic, the Picatrix.
Picatrix says,

And this is the experiment of one called Ptolemy of [Babel?], and three Indian wise men in Egypt discovered it, and they determined that such a mirror should be made when the Moon conjoined Jupiter and then gilded or cleaned when the Moon conjoined Venus.

Picatrix Mirror
Mirror with Engraved Names & Characters
But I wish to speak to you of the composition of the mirror, and how it is used and watched, because all of human nature enters into it. Temper the mirror with fresh and natural blood, then suffumigate it; then write on it the names of the seven planets; the seven names of the seven planets are Zohal, Mustari, Marrech, Xemz, Zohara, Hotarid, Alchamar. [variants of Arabic planetary names: Zuhal, Saturn; Mustari, Jupiter; Mirrikh, Mars; Shams, the Sun; Zuhrah, Venus; 'Utarid, Mercury; Qamar, Moon;]

And these characters are written in a circle around the edge of the names and they are in a circle. Then, within the polished and gilded circle are written the names of these seven angels: Captiel, Satquiel, Samael, Raphael, Anael, Michael, Gabriel.

This being done, the names of the seven winds are written in a part that is not polished; and they are the winds of the powers, and these are their names: Barchia, Bethel almoda, Hamar benabis, Zobaa marrach, Fide arrach, Samores maymon, Aczabi.

Then hang the mirror in silk for seven days over water and suffumigate it there; and let it be suspended by the branch of a bramble. And for three nights suffumigate it with good and pleasant odors such as may be found in the Book of Moses. And if you gaze into the mirror and watch it well, know that in it will appear men, winds, spirits, demons, the dead and the living and all of them will be obedient to your command.

Picatrix Mirror
Engraved Mirror Example
And perform your work thus: suffumigate it with with the seven things proper to humans, namely blood, sperm, spit, ear wax, tears from the eyes, feces and urine. And as soon as you suffumigate it, you may command the winds as you wish and your wishes will be done. Watch it, and you will know all the things that I have said to you, for you will have power over winds, men and demons, and they will do as you wish. When you are purified and clean, call them and they will come to you obediently. And this should be done over a shallow basin full of water, or over a vase similarly clean, full of water. And thereupon you will see, and what you seek will be fulfilled.

Picatrix Bk IV, ch. 7 (Translation by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock, Esq)
You can see an example of an engraved Magic Mirror following the Picatrix instructions above to right. This was made when the Moon is conjunct with Jupiter and both unafflicted on September 17, 2007. The consecration ceremony was done when the Moon was conjunct Venus on October 6, 2007. Only a limited number of the September Mirrors were made and they are sold out! You can see if more Mirrors are available here.
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