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Astrological Chart of the Week
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Current Astrological Chart
For April 2005

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Louis XIV, the Sun King

Talisman of



Health & Authority

The current astrological chart is a talisman of the Sun for health and authority. The Sun has a general association with health and the great Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says of the tables of the planets that,

Table of the Sun
"[t]he fourth table is of the Sun, and is made of a square of six, and contains thirty six numbers, whereof six in every side, and Diameter, produce 111, and the sum of all is 666. There are over it divine names with an Intelligency to what is good, with spirit to what is evil, and out of it is drawn Characters of the Sun, and the spirits thereof.

This being engraven on a Golden plate with the Sun being fortunate, renders him that wears it to be renowned, amiable, acceptable, potent in all his works, and equals a man to Kings, and Princes, elevating him to high fortunes, enabling to do whatsoever he pleaseth:

but with an unfortunate Sun, it makes a tyrant, and a man to be proud, ambitious, unsatisfiable, and to have an ill ending. "

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II, Chapter 22.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is 6:33 am, EST on April 17, 2005 for Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. 38 N 56 77 W 03.
At this time the Sun rises. It is the day of the Sun and the planetary hour of the Sun.
The Sun is dignified by exaltation and triplicity as the day ruler of fire signs in the Dorothean triplicity system.
Agrippa recommends highly the Hymns of Orpheus for ritual purposes. Here is the Hymn to the Sun. Frankincense would be excellent incense for a Sun ritual. If gold is too expensive a material, the table of the Sun can be inscribed on paper. Write the table, in yellow or gold, if possible, at the elected time, suffumigate it with frankincense and recite the Orphic Hymn to the Sun.
Here is further information on Astrological Talismans and Astrological Magic.
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