The Orphic Hymn to the Sun

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Orpheus and Invoking the Sun

the Sun

Orpheus was a legendary poet, philosopher and musician of Thrace to whom the Orphic Mysteries were attributed. Many works and poems were attributed to Orpheus and of these the most famous are the 87 Hymns of Orpheus. Here is more information on Orpheus and the Orphic Hymns. Here are the Orphic Hymns to:
the Sun
the Moon

A key use of the Orphic Hymns is invoking the planetary spirits. The ancient astrological grimoire Picatrix says of the Sun that,

"He signifies and reveals perception and intellect, exaltations and high offices, but without fear, and indeed easily, makes men to triumph over their enemies and easily inflict violent deaths on them; he shows those who give great gifts to friends (that is, to those to whom they are appropriate and merited); he destroys those who send many, which are cut off all together, distributes good things and otherwise, and causes both good and evil; those who observe the law, and those who keep promises; to all people, he gives delight in good and pleasant things, great eloquence and giving ready responses in all things; he increases the appetite for amassing wealth, and for people to desire good things, a good reputation in the mouths of the people, and high positions and official posts, making all legality and goodness, and all things that are proper for kings and great men in the world and the mode of living that is necessary to them, as well as all exalted and ornate work with minerals, and making the crowns of kings and sublime things, and making large books. "

Picatrix, Bk III, ch. 7.

One of the most important parts of creating astrological talismans or invoking planetary spirits is to ensure auspicious astrological conditions. Once the astrological conditions are right, Picatrix explains

"When you want to pray to the Sun and ask anything from him, such as asking for grace from the king, and the friendship of lords, and lordships and how to acquire them, make the Sun fortunate and put him on the ascendant, and do this in his day and hour. Dress yourself in royal vestments of yellow and golden silk, and put a crown of gold on your head, and likewise a golden ring on your finger, and equip yourself in the manner of the great men of the Chaldeans, because the Sun is the lord of their ascension. Go into a house set apart and dedicated to this work, and place your right hand on your left, and face the Sun with a modest and humble expression, the way the timid and modest look."

Picatrix, Bk III, ch. 7. Here is more about planetary invocation using the Orphic Hymns.

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The Orphic Hymn to the Sun

Chapter VIII.

The Orphic Hymn to the Sun

The Fumigation from Frankincense and Manna

Hear, golden Titan, whose eternal eye
With matchless sight illumines all the sky.
Native, unwearied in diffusing light,
And to all eyes the object of delight:
Lord of the Seasons, beaming light from far,
Sonorous, dancing in thy four-yok'd car.
With thy right hand the source of morning light,
And with thy left the father of the night.
Agile and vig'rous, venerable Sun,
Fiery and bright around the heav'ns you run,
Foe to the wicked, but the good man's guide,
O'er all his steps propitious you preside.
With various-sounding golden lyre 'tis thine
To fill the world with harmony divine.
Father of ages, guide of prosp'rous deeds,
The world's commander, borne by lucid steeds.
Immortal Jove, flute-playing, bearing light,
Source of existence, pure and fiery bright;
Bearer of fruit, almighty lord of years,
Agile and warm, whom ev'ry power reveres.
Bright eye, that round the world incessant flies,
Doom'd with fair fulgid rays to set and rise;
Dispensing justice, lover of the stream,
The world's great master, and o'er all supreme.
Faithful defender, and the eye of right,
Of steeds the ruler, and of life the light:
With sounding whip four fiery steeds you guide,
When in the glittering car of day you ride,
Propitious on these mystic labours shine,
And bless thy suppliants with a life divine.