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Should I End This Relationship?

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Should I End this Relationship?

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Medieval and Renaissance astrologers saw the stars as the rulers of the passions and the body. This means that horary astrology is ideally suited to answering questions of love, relationships and marriage.
Often a relationship is like a living thing; it is born, matures and eventually ends. Particularly in a romantic relationship it can be difficult to sort out the difference between one's true intuitions and one's hopes and fears. Horary astrology, which answers questions by judging a chart of the Heavens for the birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person, is a useful way to gain an objective view of the future course of a relationship.

Judging Relationship Horary Questions


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One feature of horary astrology that often surprises clients is that it does not require the birth charts of the people involved. This is useful as many people do not know their own time of birth let alone the exact time that their significant other was born. When we judge a horary question we examine the position of the stars and planets at the time of a serious question, which because of the perfect order and sympathy of the Cosmos, will provide the answer.
The first thing we look for are the significators of the parties, the planets that rule the appropriate houses as well as the natural ruler of love, the planet Venus. By examining the strength or weakness, the placement and the aspects of the significators we can see the Cosmic drama that reflects the events taking place here on Earth. If the significators are weak and separating, so are the parties. If the significators are strong and applying, the relationship itself is strong and the parties will be coming together.
Getting a horary analysis is like knowing the direction and strength of a river current. One can choose to fight the current and try to paddle upstream, sit back and let the current take you or paddle actively in the direction of the current.
You can see examples of real relationship questions, my analyses, astrological charts of the questions and the results at Where is this Relationship Going? and an actual example for the question: Should I End this Relationship?

How to Ask "Should I End this Relationship?"


To ask "Should I End this Relationship?" first order on the Payment Page then Contact me. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate horary questions. No exceptions! For an e-mail question while I will use the time that I receive and understand the question as a back-up I also need to know:
  • The exact time (giving local time zone if known) date and location (city, county, nearest town) in which you wrote the question and,
  • A physical description of you and your significant other, e.g., short, tall, thin, muscular, etc, and,
  • I also need to know if you wish this relationship to be permanent and long term, as in marriage, or short term, e.g., boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, mistress, etc, finally,
  • It is also useful to know something about the past history of the relationship.

How Do I Order the Horary Question "Should I End this Relationship?"


For information on ordering a horary reading or getting a horary question answered including payment options and cost please follow the Order Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate horary readings. No exceptions!

What Does A Horary Analysis Consist Of?


As soon as your payment is received I will call you or e-mail you with an analysis of your relationship question. I will then mail you a detailed two to three page written analysis answering your question, along with all relevant astrological information, including an astrological chart of your question. Each question receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program.
I am also available for further discussion of your question via e-mail and phone after you receive your written analysis.


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