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Talismans for Passion, Harmony & Commitment in Love & Marriage
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In the Neoplatonic/Hermetic worldview the heavenly bodies were the essential link between the World of the Divine Ideas and the Material World. Yet Renaissance philosophers usually did not insist that everything was determined by Fate through the mechanism of the Zodiacal powers. Instead they taught that "Astra inclinant non necessistant " the stars incline but do not compel, and "Sapiens dominatur astris" the wise man rules the stars. The physical body and the passions were under the sway of the stars, but the divine spirit in man, was free and could, with difficulty, resists the demands of the body and the rule of the passions and exercise free will.
This means that astrology is of great utility when we turn to matters of love, romance and marriage, for here reason must give way to passion. Understanding the signification of the changing celestial figures gives us great insight into the changing moods of love and desire. Talismans, created of materials carefully chosen for their astrological suitability and constructed at auspicious times, can attract and strengthen love and passion.

Talismans for Passion, Harmony & Commitment
in Love & Marriage


I created these talismans particulary for people who have married at astrologically inauspicious times, but they are
Passion, Harmony and
Commitment Chart
Regiomontanus Houses
11:15 p.m. January 8, 2001
Washington, D.C. 38 N 54 77 W 02
also excellent for anyone who seeks Passion, Harmony & Commitment. The talismans were created at 11:15-11:20pm on January 8, 2001 and what a beautiful election it was. Libra rises and thus Venus is the ruler of the Ascendant. Venus is exalted in Pisces in the fifth house. Venus, as noted above, is the natural ruler of love, and we would always wish to see her as strong as she is in this chart.
Next we note that Aries is on the seventh house cusp and Mars is the ruler of the seventh. Mars is strong in his sign Scorpio in the second house. The Moon, always important in every election as the fastest planet and intermediary between the higher planetary spheres and the sublunary realm, is also strong in her sign Cancer in the tenth house. The tenth house shows what will happen between the couple represented by the first and seventh house rulers. Here, tenth ruler, the Moon, is not only strong, but in the tenth house.
The Moon is separating from a trine (the most favorable aspect) of Venus and applying to a trine of Mars, tying them together. Venus is applying to a trine of Mars, with reception, as she is in the watery triplicity which he rules by night. It is rare to have such a favorable election for marriage with all of our major significators in such benefic placements in the chart. Venus and Mars are certainly archetypally appropriate as the significators of love and marriage here. Great chart!

Creation of the Talismans for Passion & Harmony


Bracelet for Harmony, Passion and Commitment in Love and Marriage
A Completed Bracelet Talisman
Thus at 11:15 p.m. on January 8, 2001 I assembled three talismans for Passion, Harmony and Commitment. My wife had already designed the talismans as bracelets incorporating ametheyst wrapped in steel wire, ruled by Mars, emerald wrapped in copper wire, ruled by Venus and crystal wrapped in silver wire, ruled by the Moon.
Inside the hollow bead I placed the the Seals of the Moon, Venus and Mars, as well as the names of their angels and the angels of their signs.

Passion & Harmony Talisman Ritual


I had already prepared nine candles, three for for each talisman. One pink for passion and two white for peace and blessings. I anointed each candle with Love Me and Peaceful Home Oil. These and other authentic hoodoo supplies are available from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. I had already carved the purpose into the candles, "For Passion, Harmony & Commitment in Love & Marriage." I then lit the candles and a mixture of Love Me and Attraction Incense. Repeating, "For Passion, Harmony & Commitment in Love & Marriage" as I lit each candle. I did this every day for nine days, each time repeating the purpose of the talismans as I lit the candles.



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