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Astrological Talismans
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Planetary Talismans & Amulets

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Magicians affirm that Images, Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed under a Certain Constellation... some Wonderful Thing may be Received.

Cornelius Agrippa
Three Books of
Occult Philosophy

Introduction to Planetary Talismans
Sources for Planetary Talismans
Currently Available Planetary Talismans

Planetary Talismans

Saturn Talismans Jupiter Talismans Mars Talismans
Sun Talismans Venus Talismans Mercury Talismans
Moon Talismans

Learning More About Planetary Talismans

Introduction to Planetary Talismans & Amulets

The word talisman comes from the Greek telesma meaning a sacred or consecrated object. An amulet, on the other hand is from the Latin amuletum which is a more narrow classification of objects with a protective function. A key part of astrological talismans and amulets that that their creation must be precisely timed by traditional electional astrology. If talismans and amulets are not an astrologically appropriate time and ritually consecrated they just pieces of jewelry with astrological designs, without magical power. Planetary talismans are an important subset of the larger subject of astrological talismans.
Talismans, which rely on spiritual causality are logical under a spiritual worldview and have played a rold Western culture for many centuries. Magi of the like Marsilio Ficino and Cornelius Agrippa envisioned the Cosmos as one great, unified Being, with all things in it connected by harmonies, sympathies and correspondences, both spiritual and material. Astrology, Magic and Alchemy, the Hermetic Sciences, were seen as studies in preparation for Hermetic Gnosis, and as a hands on method of experiencing the unity of the Cosmos.
Astrologer from the Shepherd's Kalender

Here on the Renaissance Astrology website are resources for both practitioners and students of authentic Renaissance and medieval astrological magic. The information here has been carefully researched out of sources actually written and published before 1700 and cited to author, title and page of these sources for further reading and study. If you find your interest aroused and wish to proceed beyond study in this fascinating area, you can look at the authentic Astrology and Magic Courses on offer. You also can obtain talismans created according to the authentic traditional methods at Currently Available talismans.

Sources for Planetary Talismans

The key printed sources for Renaissance astrological magic explaining the authentic method of construction of talismans are Cornelius Agrippa's encyclopedic Three Books of Occult Philosophy and Marsilio Ficino's lyrical Three Books on Life. That astrology and astrological magic were associated with evil spirits created concerns about the publication of texts. However, despite this there are several interesting printed sources available including The Supreme Mysteries also known as the Archidoxes of Magic attributed to Paracelsus and Mysterium Sigillorum by Israel Hibner.
A large number of astrological magic texts circulated in manuscript during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Frank Klassen, a scholar of magic, has a useful list of library holdings of Manuscripts of Astrological Image Magic. Probably the most important astrological magic manuscripts was the Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam, "the Aim of the Wise". Written around AD 1000 and translated into Latin in 1256 at the court of Alphonso the Wise of Castile, Picatrix was probably the most influential of all texts on astrological magic. Agrippa and Ficino both cite the Picatrix at length. Here are Agrippa's Planetary Talismans which derive very closely from Picatrix.

Currently Available Talismans and Amulets


It is important to understand that Astrological Magic used in making Astrological Talismans depends to a great degree on the cycles of the stars and planets. Thus it is essential that we chose an auspicious time to make talisman. I watch carefully and chose just the right time for my jeweler to cast these unique works of magic and art. These authentic talismans are available in only in limited editions, hand cast, and each is unique. Here are the Currently Available Talismans.

Making Planetary Talismans & Amulets


By choosing the planet or other astrological factor the mage can capture particular energies and cause particular effects. In traditional Western astrological magic, as opposed to modern Vedic practice, this choice appears to have been task oriented. Rather than looking at a birth chart initially, the mage asked the client what effect they wished, for example, wealth, love, health, etc., and then chose a talisman that would produce that effect.
The mage would then look at the state of the Heavens to see if it is auspicious for a particular talisman. The mage may also base a talisman on the birth chart of the client, a horary question or even the horoscope of a city, region or country, to base a talisman. To be an astrological magician requires a mastery of of the theory and practice of traditional Electional Astrology. Using electional astrology, the mage chooses a time when the particular astrological factor is dignifed and properly positioned.
Aafter choosing an auspicious time, the magician gathers the appropriate materials to make the talisman. Each planet rule particular metals and gemstones. At the elected time the magician makes the talisman. All of my talismans are cast from precious metals, but talismans can also be engraved, inscribed or stamped or even written onlast longer as the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino says, "gems and metals, though they seem too hard for accepting a celestial influence, nevertheless retain it longer if they receive it." Three Books on Life, Book III, chapter 14.
After the talisman is made using the sigil, signs, images and characters prescribed by our authentic texts, the magician then uses a ritual to consecrate the talisman. This both charges the talisman with the energy of the chosen and invokes the spirit ruling the chosen astrological factor who infuses the talisman with its powers. Then the talisman is either worn or put the magician wishes the effects of the talisman to manifest.

Planetary Talismans


The most popular form of talismans are the talismans of the seven traditional planets. We use the Natures of the Planets each of which, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon each of which has different effect and rules different activities and things. Below are examples of planetary talismans with charts for their creation below. I also provide a Planetary Magic Mini-Course which teaches how to make the traditional talismans of the planets.
We first look at Saturn the Greater Malefic. Saturn, like Mars, the Lesser Malefic, has an energy that is necessary, but often difficult to deal with. He is associated with melancholy and death as well as agriculture, construction, occult studies, solidity and discipline. Until approximately 2010 Saturn will not be in a state that is appropriate for talismans. Here is an example of a Saturn talisman from the encyclopedic book of astrological magic, Picatrix.
Next is Jupiter the Greater Benefic who is perenially popular being associated with good fortune, justice, prosperity and authority. Here are examples of Jupiter talismans, with actual horoscopes for their creation.

Jupiter Picatrix talisman for success w/judges & officials
Jupiter talisman for prosperity
Jupiter talisman for prosperity
Jupiter triplicity talisman
Jupiter cazimi talisman & banner
Jupiter talisman for prosperity
Jupiter & fixed star Sirius talisman

Next is Mars the Lesser Malefic, who is rules courage, strength, fortitude, victory as well as war. Here are examples of Mars talismans, with actual charts for their creation.

Mars Picatrix talisman for fear & dread
Mars Picatrix talisman for power
Mars Picatrix talisman to stop bleeding
Mars talisman
Mars Picatrix talisman for achievement & great works


Next is the Sun, who rules fame, healing, authority and nobility. Here are a number of examples of Sun talismans, with actual charts for their creation.

Agrippa Sun talisman for fame
Sun talisman for depression
Mysterium Sigillorum Sun talisman
Sun talisman
Sun talisman
Picatrix Sun talisman
Sun in Leo talisman

While the following are called talismans of the signs, they are more appropriate called Sun talismans, because they are prepared when the Sun is placed in their signs. They come from the The Supreme Mysteries also known as the Archidoxes of Magic attributed to Paracelsus.

Paracelsus' Sun in Scorpio talisman
Paracelsus' Sun in Libra talisman

Next is Venus, the Lesser Benefic, ruling friendship, love, art, beauty. and music. Here are examples of Venus talismans, with actual charts for their creation.

Agrippa Venus talisman
Venus love talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus triplicity talisman
Venus Picatrix bird-headed talisman
Venus Taurus talisman
Venus in Taurus talisman
Venus in Libra talisman
Venus & Spica talisman
Venus Picatrix love talisman
Venus talisman

Next is Mercury, ruling business, communication, eloquence, memory and learning. Here are examples of Mercury talismans, with actual charts for their creation.

Picatrix Mercury in Virgo talisman
Picatrix Mercury talisman
Mercury in Aquarius talisman for occult knowledge
Hermes Trismegistus election

Next is the Moon, ruling messages, travel, communications, prophecy and divination, a nd the the birth, life and death of all things in the Material World. Here are examples of Moon talismans, with actual horoscopes for their creation.

Agrippa Moon talisman
Moon/Venus talisman
Moon rise talisman
Moon/Venus talisman

Learning More About Planetary Talismans


If you are interested in astrological magic and astrological talismans the Renaissance Astrology website contains over 400 pages of research on traditional astrology and magic. This is a useful page of Astrology and Magic Books some of which are available directly from Renaissance Astrology, while links are given for other useful book sources.
If you are interested in discussing and learning about Renaissance Astrology, particulary Astrological Magic, the construction of talismans and the magical use of Electional Astrology , you may wish to subscribe to Spiritus Mundi my e-group devoted to traditional (pre-1700) astrology.
For those that desire to delve deeper into Astrology and magic I offer my Planetary Magic Mini-Course and Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course, which allow students to immediately start making talismans and elections and are a great introduction to my longer Electional Astrology Course, and Astrological Magic Course. Please Contact me with any questions.


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