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Talismanic Images of the Fixed Stars from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Book Two, Chapter Forty Seven

Of the Images of the fixed Behenian Stars

But now for the operations of the fixed stars, according to Hermes opinion, under the head of Algol [Algol] , they made an imagewhose Figure was the head of a man with a bloody neck; they report that it bestoweth good success to Petitions, and makethhim who carrieth it bold and magnanimous, and preserveth the members of the body sound: also it helpeth against Witchcraft,and reflecteth evil indeavors and wicked incantations upon our adversaries.
Under the constellation of the Pleiades,they made the image of a little Virgin, or the Figure of a Lamp; its reported to increase the light of the eyes, to assemble Spirits,to raise Winds, to reveal secret and hidden things:
Under Adlebora, [Aldebaran] they made an image after the likeness of God, or of a flying man; it giveth riches and honor:
Under the Goat [Capella] they made an image, the Figure of which was, as it were, a man willing to make himself merry with musical instruments; it maketh him who carrieth it acceptable, honored and exaltedbefore Kings and Princes; and helpeth the pain of the teeth:
Under the greater Dog-star [Sirius] , they made the image of an Hound and a little Virgin; it bestoweth honor and good will, and the favor of men, and Aerial spirits, and giveth power to pacifie and reconcile Kings, Princes, and other men:
Under the lesser Dog-star [Procyon] they made the image of a Cock, or of three little maides; it conferreth the favor of the gods, of spirits, and men; it giveth power against Witchcrafts, and preserveth health:
Under the Heart of Leo, [Regulus] they made the image of a Lion or Cat, or the Figure of an honorable Person sitting in a Chair; it rendretb a mantemperate, appeaseth wrath, and giveth favour:
Under the tail of Ursa Major [Alkaid] they made the image of a pensive Man, or of a Bull, or the Figure of a Calf; it availeth against incantations, and maketh him who carrieth it secure in his travels:
Under the wing of Corvus [Gieneh/Algorab] they made the image of a Raven, or Snake, or of a black Man cloathed in black; this maketh a mancholerick, bold, couragious, full of thoughts, a backbiter, and causeth naughty dreams; also it giveth the power of driving awayevil spirits, and of gathering them together; it is profitable against the malice of Men, Devils and Winds:
Under the Spike [Spica] they made the image of a Bird, or of a man laden with Merchandize; it conferreth riches, and maketh one overcome contentions, it taketh away scarcity and mischief:
Under Alchameth [Arcturus] they made the image of an Horse or Wolf, or the Figure of a man dancing; it is good against Feavers, it astringeth and retaineth the bloud:
Under Elphrya, [Alphecca] they made the image of an Hen, or of a man crowned and advanced; it bestoweth the good will and love of men, and giveth chastity.
Under the Heart of Scorpio [Antares] they made the image of a man armed, and with a coat of Male, or the Figure of a Scorpion; it giveth understanding and memory, it maketh a good colour, and aideth against evil spirits, and driveth them away, and bindeth them:
Under the Vulture, [Vega] they made the image of a Vulture or Hen, or of a traveller; it maketh a man magnanimous and proud, it giveth power over devils and beasts.
Under the tail of Capricorn [Deneb Algedi] they made the image of an Hart, or Goate, or of an angryman; it bestoweth prosperity, and increaseth wrath.
These are the images of some of the fixed stars which they command to be ingraven on their stones under them.


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